• Donald Trump 2016

    All they do is show negative article one after another and rarely cover anything good. This last few weeks he has spoken on the economy and security and very little coverage! These liberals will still be posting Hillary's got a poll lead when Trump is the President or better yet they will still be trying to blame former President Bush!

  • Know-nothings can't answer questions accurately.

    Most of the people answering the questions have no expertise or even a very good education. Therefore, the answers are crsp. If each question was organized by subject and then answered by a person with real knowledge of the subject, but just an opinion based on subjective experience, then yahoo answers would not be garbage. And to the doofus who says yahoo answers is "right-wing- you are hopelessly clueless.

  • Rag magazine news

    Yahoo news is just as same as buying one of those rag magazine at the check out counter like star and national enquiremmmmmbggvf vgffdgdfggfdrfhrf bvtbb tbb tyrtg b btrv vb ty rb rtb b bgtd df b vddfvb vxcd fr v b gt b b b g gb v bvb

  • That website needs to go

    They are the most dishonest website I have seen. Totally unbalanced, far right, intolerant, pro-authoritarian website I have seen. There are Fundamentalists constantly trying to impose their views. There are idiot partisanists, particularly republicans spewing their propaganda. I hate the whole arrogance of the website. It seriously needs to be taken off of the internet. I wish, but hey freedom of speech even gives idiots a voice. And why not, those morons will never make it in the real world, let the babies have their bottles.

  • It has its uses

    There are some idiots on there for sure, but sometimes you actually get useful answers to questions. And it can be really convenient too for anyone who has a Yahoo account. It's not that bad, although it can be frustrating to deal with with all the trolls and also people answering just to get points.

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