Is Yahoo still a relevant Internet brand compared to Google and Facebook?

  • Yahoo is still a relevant brand

    There was a time that Yahoo looked like it was just going to let it's brand just die like AOL. Recently, they made a shift and started getting back in the game. Their recent re-engagement in developer conferences and IT shows shows they are trying to revitalize. Internally it seems they worked on re-Branding their internal values as it is flowing thru in their External Value statements. So the big question is what new thing are they going to bring to the table or is it something else. SpringOwl's Eric Jackson seems to be the push behind it

  • Yahoo is great

    There was a time when you needed to create an account to certain websites and obviously they required an email address. So you would create a fake email and create an account on those websites and you were good to go. Life was simple back then.

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  • Too Much Clutter

    What google did in simplifying the search to a simple title "google" and a search field, changed the whole idea of a search engine. Yahoo cluttered up the page with a heap of categories and still does. Why go through a sports category when you can just type "sports + whatever" and find it in google?

  • Yahoo is a relic

    Yahoo does not provide a unique search engine any longer, it is borrowing from Google. The news returned on Yahoo can be found anywhere. Yahoo no longer provides any unique, desirable product or service to maintain their relevancy as compared to dynamic, forward thinking companies such as Google and Facebook.

  • Way out of touch

    The Yahoo interface needs to be update, its news streaming is terrible, it almost seems as if the have given up. I stopped using it ages ago but peak in once in a while to see if I am making a mistake. I am not. They just don't seem to care anymore about their own relevancy.

  • Compared to Google and Facebook, Yahoo is irrelevant.

    When comparing Yahoo to sites like Google and Facebook, Yahoo does not even land in the same ballpark. When you hear about someone needing information your response is typically, "Google it." "Googling" things that people need answers to has become a part of daily life, making Google the most popular search engine. Yahoo and Facebook aren't as easily comparable, but I would imagine that their are currently more people using Facebook on a daily basis than use Yahoo. People like to stay connected to each other and most check Facebook numerous times each day.

  • Yahoo behind times

    Yahoo, like AOL, served its purpose in the early years of the world wide web's growth. However, with the arrival of web behemoths like Google and Facebook ( among others), Yahoo has failed to reach the jaw dropping heights of its competitors. Finally, Yahoo doesn't offer anything that Twitter, Google, and YouTube does not provide already.

  • No NO NO

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