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  • Traditional school sucks

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  • Yes it should

    The three-month summer vacation block may sound great for planning vacations, But in reality, It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. By having one large vacation block, Parents have to compete in the workplace to get the appropriate time off and travel is more expensive because everyone else is traveling. Year round schooling offers more breaks and more opportunities for everyone to take a well-deserved vacation.

  • KIds won't get bored and they won't forget things like the traditional school calendar

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  • I like it

    I like it we dont have much stress ad dont have to worry a bout our home work and it helps kids adva nce mor e quickly they also havee some vaca tion with the ir pare nts and on summer teachers get paid more for a second job. The end

  • It helps support the kids

    There are many reasons why school should be full year. First, full year schools reduce stress. For example, students don’t always like to go to school for a long period of time, students need to have breaks to learn and it would help students to not worry about their homework so much. Next, it cuts down on brain drain. Every summer kids lose a good chunk of what they learn in the previous year. Then when the kids go back to school, teachers take out extra time to teach the information the kids lost the year before. Furthermore, it's easier to plan vacations. It’s harder to plan to vacations in the summer break because the parents have to take out their work time to go on the vacation. When the breaks are spread out more evenly so it’s easier to find a time to go on a vacation. Lastly, year round schools will help families that don’t have a lot of money. While rich parents can afford summer camps and babysitters, lots of poor parents have to leave their child home alone while they go to work. However, full year schools could help the poor families to keep the kids (because full year schools are free) instead of leaving them home for 2 months. This is why there should be full year school.

  • I am a 7th grader and I think year-round education is good.

    If children can get schooling all year, they won't have to spend the first couple months of the next year reviewing things they've already learned. Also, it's better for families and trying to schedule vacations at a reasonable price and not have every popular spot be crowded. Students would also be able to advance in their education faster.

  • Year-round schooling is needed!!

    The reason year round schooling is a good thing is that it makes it so kids don’t forget the things they learned that year. The schools also make a more frequent schedule of breaks. Year round schooling is the best idea in my opinion. Think about the kids! The kids!

  • Its your choice.

    It's based on your opinion to go to school year round or not either way that can help you improve your education even more than in college either way that its your own opinion and choice. I only choose yes because I somewhat enjoy school and improving my knowledge from school.

  • All work and no play.....

    ....Will make anybody dull. While I'm sure we all value the extreme importance of education, it would be a crime for anybody to put school ahead of family and the wellness of students. We have holidays and summer/winter breaks for a reason- not only for the mental relaxation and rehabilitation of students, but to give students time to spend with their families. Imagine what would happen to families if their students had to go to school on Christmas.

  • I hate School

    Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are. Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are. Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are. Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are. Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are. Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are. Students need a break from school. The more school we have the more miserable the students are.

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  • Year round school is a bad idea

    It is because students have to always be in a classroom and summer is meant to be enjoyed NOT to be spent in a classroom and also because they are always having tests and stressed for homework and more, So that is why year round school is a bad idea.

  • It's confusing, uggh.

    It would take a while fro students to adapt to it so, it would be very confusing to remember when there is school. It would waste valuable time & could also rub off on to the parents & confuse the parents as well. Plus, it would not benefit students rembeming things.

  • It sucks obiosly

    🙄 duh it sounds like a stupid idea to waste people's vacation and it's a waste of time!!!!!! Who would ever go to a year round school. It's not like you are SUPPOST to pile ALOT of pressure on a poor little student who hate the idea of a year round school

  • Lack of work and time

    As we students continue to go to school and graduate, all the knowledge that we have gotten over the years is slowly going away and we barely apply all of it to our lives and work. As a student, I think all year round school is a waste of time and money. Students like me don't get time to hang out with friends outside of school or be online all the time. If we are going to learn, the internet is a lot better and has all the information we need. All we have to do is look up what we need and there's all of our answers to our little problem.

  • No because as

    A student who spends most of their time cooped in a stressful classroom, I long for summers of going to the pool, reading, and spending time with my family, which I don't get to do during the school year. Having school year round would be more expensive during summer months as school's electric bills would rise, due to A/C costs to compensate for the heat of summer. Child development specialists agree that students aren't wired for a year-round schedule of sitting idly in a classroom. Summer is also a recuperating time for high school students, as we find an escape from school work, extracurriculars, and after-school jobs. I believe that having a summer break is necessary for the health and mental health of students.

  • That is not a great idea!

    Kids have no time to be able to do sports in the summer because of the very small break that they have. Most schools should at least take 1 month off from school to get their minds right for the new year.Teachers take their time planning and they need more time instead of just 3 weeks!

  • Students will be stressed.

    I am a 5th Grader, and students need those breaks so they can relax.

    They would be stressed from all of the assignments too. Also, what about the summer breaks? WE NEED THE SUMMER! Or else we will go

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