• Yes it should

    Kids need more learning in class so if they did it would help them learn more and help them grow plus every time they you stick your head in a book it helps you grow in imagination plus isn't school about learning I think so I think it would help you learn

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  • I wanted to

    I do not have anything to writ about .I just wanted to make one.Because I am cool.And I have lot of feelings.:( ;(I mean what is up with the world.I honestly have nothing to write about I am just really really bored.I mean seriously why is school still so boring!!!!!!

  • Of course it's necessary

    Kids need education. And the period of time and how long where off takes time to have kids have summer loss. And even though kids hate school it will help you smarter and get jobs and help save money and get money. And the hole period of the 180 days is because the olden days mostly everyone used to farm and now therein rarely any farming and thanks to the olden days now only 180 days of school.And we still need to know

  • Of course it's necessary

    Kids need to learn. It's very important that kids have education. And the reason why we have the 180 days is because in the olden days kids had to farm. Mowed onto really have everyone farming like the old days.Even Barack Obama even says" the challenges of the new century demand more little time I'm classrooms". Even though kids don't want to be in school it will helpmeet they go to college and it will help them be able to apply and get more jobs and money.

    Posted by: Faith

  • Schooling and Education determine your future. Shouldn't you want the best?

    - Includes 180 days of break and 180 days of learning
    - makes it easier for kids to get better grades, and they wont forget information as easily
    - our current schedule was for an agricultural schedule, and its not practical for modern society
    - Also helps with the long lines during vacation
    You go when no one else is there
    -kids tend to forget information during the summer (summer slip), but with this method they retain information and it helps them get better grades
    - also works for tracking with over-crowded schools
    - relieves summer boredom
    - Kids have shorter but more often breaks
    This way they aren't bored but they still get breaks
    - other countries are kicking our butts academically, US lets get our game on.
    - One of the main causes of teen suicide is school stress, but this method helps relieve it

  • Works for Japan

    Year-round schooling is necessary to help memory retention. The process works in Japan, and those kids are eating Americans for breakfast because they are so far ahead in science and math skills. There's nothing wrong with summer school because there is this nifty modern technology called "air conditioning." The impetus for summer vacations doesn't exist anymore as kids don't have to spend three months helping their parents on the farm thanks to modern tractors and combines. In order for American students to compete, year-round schooling is necessary.

  • Not Necessary all year around.

    Is not necessary because kids need time to be home and interact with family and friends. Parents need to play there role to teach their kids responsibilities and values in the home. I also feel that the system is designed to repeat the same curriculum year after year. Schools should incorporate other subjects like nutrition, self esteem and emotional intelligence, so that kids learn how to act when they go out into the real world.

  • Yes it is

    Because if it didn't, than people than happen to go to school at this time might or might not forget or remember what they learn. Also, than if you did have year round schooling, than you will have lots of relaxation time in the middle of the year, so yeah.

  • Kids get bored

    When kids are working all year they will get bored and not work as hard, summer vacation gives them a reason to be excited for school, since they had not been there that long. This way they want to go back to school and learn, but if you seperate it more evenly they will get bored.

  • Year around school is a vary bad idea.

    Kids should have times to enjoy summer ,and hug out with there friend summer times.

    A bad thing about year around school is that you get bulled, harassment , to much homework, not being lonely if you get bully. And also think about the tearcher's getting up at 1:00 to 6:00. That and thay dount have time to sleep. I know this becouse of my mom she is a teacher and she has to bring me and my siblangs to scool and getting all of us read and her self to. And making us luch and sank. And getting her self to her school to. Just think about that people.........

    As you can see year around school is vary bad for not you or me everyone just think about that people.................

  • Life would suck

    If you start yea round schooling how much time does that give you for family time a and summer activities once being a student myself, I it is difficult enough to find time to do things and cant imagine how hard it would be to do this without those two months strait you have of. So no I think year round schooling is bad and shouldn't be around at all.

  • School should not go all year around

    I think that if school was a half a day you would have more time to think about the future and see other colleges and go home earlier and have more time for sports and activity. Have more study time for test,homework,and other things. That is what i think thanks.

  • I think that it is to much learning for kids

    It is bad for kids and teachers need time of from school and other needs. Kids all over the world have been mad about this for a long time. Summer is fun and people don't know how fun it is for kids. We get to swim and play with friends.

  • It is a terrible idea because having summers off is very fun.

    Summer is a great time to go on long vacations with family and not having to worry about falling behind in your school work. That is especially bad for high school or collage students who would like to go home to visit family for longer than a few weeks. More so if there family lives far away.

  • Year round schooling is not needed

    The imense heat will keep many children occupied and child care would be much harder to obtain seeing as to children are in school all year and a child could get themself hurt. Also it wouldnt be fair on the child. They would see other schools around the world with summer and winter breaks and would be jelous. It is also proven that there is little to no academic improvements when childeren are always in school.

  • No it's not.

    It's not necessary because kids won't be able to hang out with their friends or go on vacations that often anymore. And they would have way more homework than they need and they won't be able to get the exercise they need to stay healthy. And they will have to get up really early every day and that will make them more tired.

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