• My parents will scream constantly

    My mother strikes me and shouts at me, often making me depressed,and has caused me to attempt suicide at least twice at this point. I would honestly rather be hit with a metal soup laden thhen deal with her horrible, despicable, narcissistic personality. She is honestly the worst person I have ever known, and She causes me even more stress now

  • It really depends.

    Now my mom has always had a short fuse and I was often left at the kitchen table doing homework and getting the paper wet with tears. She always yelled at me and then hit me so hard I would fall out of my chair. But even at that point, I would rather be spanked. Now that I am older, I resented her a bit for yelling such things at me and have often caught myself being easily frustrated and yelling at others but I try not to now. When you yell at children, it's only so long before they grow out of their fear and end up resenting you and may yell at others. Then again, not all kids are the same. But if you do this early, it may cause problems later.

  • Both give the child the false impression that dominance is a method of coercion.

    Both of them are essentially the same- just with different contexts. One teaches a child that authority and correctness can be measured in pain, and the other teaches a child that authority and correctness can be measured in decibels.

    This is a vicious cycle- the child will become an adult and apply what they've learned to their own children, and so on. So really the only key to stopping this is for the current generation to sap up and understand that their children's quality of life is worth more than the privilege of venting trauma from their own childhood.

  • It can be

    You need to be very careful of the words you choose when speaking to your children. The children absorb everything you say and it becomes a part of the person that they grow up to be.

    When you yell you are out of control and it does not help an out of control child to calm down if they sense the adults around them are out of control too.

  • Is there a difference between physical and verbal abuse?

    Maybe it is not quite a serious as that, but still. Spanking a kid can leave them broken and crying, but so can yelling. Perhaps in different ways, and for different reasons, but it still includes anger, hurt, and sorrow. My parents yell at me sometimes, and when they get really mad, (when I was littler) they used to spank me. But I could live down the spanking. It was temporary. However, when my parents yell at me, I get feelings of anger. I've learned to hide them (I'm a troublemaker, I get in trouble a lot), but yelling lasted longer, and sometimes sent me to bed, crying myself to sleep. The next morning, I'd resolve to change. However, if my dad spanked me, I would feel mad, and I would go to bed, seething and plotting revenge. So, to conclude, I would say that yelling is as harmful, if not more, than spanking.

  • Depends entirely upon context

    Abuse is never the answer. Spanking is physical abuse. Always, and without exception. Yelling may be verbal abuse. It depends entirely upon what is being yelled. If we're talking about "yelling" as in "You're grounded, go to your room" shouted in a level, authoritative voice, then no, that's not abusive and it can't possibly be worse than physically abusing someone.

    But if we're talking about "yelling" in terms of a full-blown, temper flaring, "Why you worthless little piece of excrement, I'm going to tear out your throat and feed it to your face", that's verbal abuse and likely at least as harmful as a spanking would be.

    So it all depends upon context. Yelling can be as harmful as spanking (or arguably, made even worse than spanking). But not always.

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