• Yo-Yo Ma on Top of the best cellist list

    Spirited and fun-loving Yo-Yo Ma brought new dimensions to the classic art of cello playing. Immediately upon his arrival on the music scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s he ranked among the finest cellists of the twentieth century. As his talent matured he was respected for his extraordinary interpretive skill. Over time Ma earned admiration for his intriguing adaptations of non-traditional musical styles for the cello. In addition to symphonic orchestral performances and unaccompanied Bach, Ma augmented the classic cello repertoire when he incorporated jazz, bluegrass, tango, and traditional African musical styles into his performances. Critics applauded his creative adaptations that offered a fresh perspective and imparted a new vitality to a classic instrument.

  • Yes, Yo-Yo Ma is the best cellist in history

    Yes, Yo-Yo Ma is the foremost cellist in history. I doubt the majority of the population can even name another cellist. He has given notoriety to the instrument in itself, and elevated classical music in popular culture. It is possible he is not the most technically proficient, but that should be all that counts. He has done so much for music.

  • Yes he could be

    Yo-Yo mama perfomed at the age of 5 and anyone can tell that he could be the best cellist in history. He has 30-40 albums and looking through his bio can prove that he is a good cellist but there might be someone who might be better then him .

  • Assigning "Best" Titles

    In music, art, entertainment, and all categories like that there can't really be a "best." There are musicians that more people like than others, that just generally sound better, but it's still a matter of opinion. Something that sounds amazing and inspires Jack might sound like white-noise to Sally. Yo-Yo Ma is great, but it's impossible to say the best unless you've heard music from every other person who has ever played the cello.

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