Is Yoda the most iconic film character ever created?

Asked by: Jegory
  • Yes, Yoda is the most iconic film character ever created

    Who doesn't love Yoda? His small stature and backwards voice have made him recognisable all over the World; even those who haven't seen the Star Wars films know and love this wise old creature!! He has become iconic and is an icon for Star Wars, surpassing R2-D2 and Darth Vader with ease.

  • The joker is

    To be the best villain ever you have to do something that is memorable. It could be from the comics, the movies, the cartoons, video games, whatever. Something everyone knows and I’m not just talking comic fans. This has to be something that a random guy on the street would know. For example when I saw something people know I mean like how people know how Bane is the one who broke the Bat or how Doomsday is the only one to kill Superman (for the time being). Magneto, Doctor Doom, Darkseid, Lex, and plenty others have done great stuff but haven’t done anything we all know. That haven’t made as big of an impact. We all know Green Goblin killed Gwen. Now let’s look at the Joker. We all know what damage and chaos the Joker has done. People know that the Joker killed Robin (Jason Todd). People know the Joker shot and paralysis Barbara Gordon. In the animated series, we see the Joker basically destroy Tim Drake. We see the Joker take away the Tim’s innocence like how a child molester molests a child. I’m not saying Joker molested Tim I’m just making a comparison. In the movies, we see inBatman Joker was the one who shot and killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. In The Dark Knight, we see the Joker cause chaos and destruction. Also in The Dark Knight we see Joker turn Gotham’s most upstanding citizen in Harvey Dent from people against crime to committing it. In Arkham City we see the Joker kill Talia. The Joker has made an impact unlike anyone.

  • Yoda is awesome!!! But no.

    The Star Wars saga is one of the most influential film series, American or foreign, ever. As such, the question arises, who is the most iconic character from these iconic films? To that, I have to say Darth Vader, not Yoda.

    First, Vader was in A New Hope and the subsequent films and he was one of the main draws to the film in the first place. As the villain, he is in place to be the most alluring character in the narrative. And he is, think about it. Besides the famous intro crawl, what do you think of when you think Star Wars? You think Darth Vader and his labored mechanical breath. So, he is a long-standing part of Star Wars and has been an integral part of the film from the beginning.

    Further adding to his iconic status is the freakin' awesome wardrobe and powers he has. A dark billowing cape, black helmet, red lightsaber, and telekinetic choking abilities?? Who wouldn't think he was awesome?

    Last, Vader (Anakin) is essentially the main character of the saga. The prequels mapped his fall from grace and the sequels marked his evilness and final return to the light. This compelling narrative adds to the dramatic power and intruiging character of Darth Vader, cementing his place as the most iconic Star Wars character and one of the most iconic film characters ever.

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