• It is a sport

    It is something that requires practice, Physical strength and even mental strength. All of which are essential to any type of sport. And just because you don't finish it sweating or completely out of breath doesn't mean that it is not a sport. And whomever disagrees probably doesn't even do a sport

  • Yes it is

    Because I said so! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • No it is not

    Yoga is not a sport, it's a workoutform. I feel that for it to be a sport would'nt you have to be able to compete in it, and well, How do you compete in yoga? Maybe if you could have a jury who judges how good you do the movements but then it would'nt be yoga becouse that's all about what YOU feel inside and not the jury!!!!

  • Why wouldn't it be?

    I think its a sport because you don't need to be competing for it to be a sport. Is includes physical work and lots of practice therefore it would be a sport because you benefit health wise from it which is all people say you need for it to be a sport.

  • Yes it is !!!

    I take Physical Development Health Practical Education otherwise known as PDHPE and we did an assessment on this subject and it includes flexibility and balance. These things are important because they fall under the two sports categories. Flexibility falls under the health related component and balance falls under the skill related component which makes YOGA a sport that is calming and relaxing. Saying yoga is not a sport because its too relaxing or too calm is like saying going to the pool to swim is not a sport because people swim and they find it soothing. So in other words a Year 8 girl has proved people out of school that yoga is classified as a sport.

  • YES, I believe yoga is a sport

    People say because it is not a team activity or a constant movement, it is considered NOT a sport. But dancing, swim, fencing, karate,etc. Are not usually team sports, therefore yoga is. Yoga is a very difficult activity that most people have trouble with, but enjoy. It is also an international activity. There is also competition in yoga, which is needed as a sport, such as, heat yoga and oher competitions. If "video gaming", "toe wresting", and "pig racing" are sports, then yoga should also be a sport.

  • Yoga is a physical activity

    Yoga is a physical activity,it's some sort of stretching and it burns calories.You need to make an effort to do it and it includes sweat.It is good for both mental activity and the physical one.It's somehow related to gymnastics.And I suggest you to try yoga because it's really goid for the soul and it can be really useful

  • Yoga is a sport.

    Most people think Yoga is not a sport because it isn't competitive but if you think about tit pole dancing and modeling are a sport because those are competitive but people that are contortionists compete but yoga is more than half of what contortionists do so take that America. Yoga is a sport because you put your mind to it and you need mental and physical training to do it. You practice it like other sports and you train to your body can't go anymore. Anyone ever heard of heat yoga. People go in rooms that are like 100 degrees and do yoga and the last one standing in the room wins. So if that isn't competitive enough for you then I don't know what is.

  • Yes yoga is a sport

    Yoga is a form of exercise and all exercise is a form of sport so therefore yoga is a sport. Yoga encourages you to become healthier and is, or can be very challenging, but just because it is a non violent sport does not mean it does not count as a sport.

  • It seems to fit the SportAccord requirements.

    :"Have an element of competition"

    There does appear to be something called 'competitive yoga'.

    :"Be in no way harmful to any living creature"

    I don't participate in it, but it doesn't appear to be any more harmful than rugby or American football.

    :"Not rely on equipment provided by a single supplier (excluding proprietary games such as arena football)"

    I doubt it. There isn't much equipment that you really need for yoga.

    :"Not rely on any "luck" element specifically designed into the sport"

    Not as far as I know.

  • Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Because. How is it a sport? Where is the competitiveness? It's just stretching. It may be good for you, but it's boring too! So it can't be a sport. There are not really any rules and there's no way to cheat or become a pro at it. Hence, it's not.

  • Yoga is dumb

    I think yoga is dumb my school teaches yoga and none of the kids like it. We all think that yoga isn't giving us enough activity we all want to play doge ball or lightning. It gets us into shape and that way we can do more things also if we are in shape we can eat candy sometimes. Yoga does not provide any of that

  • No yoga is dumb

    No yoga is not a sport, this is an outrage this is the dumbest thing known to human existence. My school does yoga for P.E. It is dumb! P.E. Is physical education how bout basketball or dodge ball. Its like you kidding me i'm done with this life stupid schools! I am disapointed that my distract agrees with this. Yoga is dumbest thing ever and it is NOT a stupid sport. Sports are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, lacross and tennis. I don't see yoga in there do you? ~Johnny da salty boi.

  • It's not physically demanding.

    In all sports athletes have to work their back side off to be succesfull. Like football, gymnastics, water polo and every other olympic sport. Yoga does not need the mental strength that most sports DO need. A person can do yoga at any age, but you can only do sport with sharp wits about ones self.

  • Yoga is not a sport

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  • No it is not

    Yoga is not a sport, it's a workoutform. I feel that for it to be a sport would'nt you have to be able to compete in it, and well, How do you compete in yoga? Maybe if you could have a jury who judges how good you do the movements but then it would'nt be yoga becouse that's all about what YOU feel inside and not the jury!!!!

  • No Way Ever

    Everyone can play a sport. Not everyone can do yoga. In order to do yoga, you have to be flexible and have good balance. Also, I like all sports so if this were a sport, then God would find a way to make sure that I somehow liked this sport called yoga.

  • It's just moulding your body into shapes

    It isn't a sport because you don't compete in it. You literally sit quietly and move your body into impossible positions. If it really is a sport could it be used in the olympic games? NO. The main idea of sport is to compete, the definition even says so. So NO.

  • Its for middle age women

    And for gay people who will say it is a sport because they are the ones doing it. Though doing it can be a little deceiving. Sometimes they sit for half an hour and try to think about a Japanese three real hard and than they say yeah well I feel tired, do you feel tired Marco? And he says: yeah I feel sooooo tired babe, it's a sport.

  • Yoga is not a sport.

    To be considered a sport there must be some form of competition, which yoga has none of. There must also be a way to "win" which again, yoga has none of. Although it is laboring on the body, it has most of the key traits that sports need to be sports. That is why yoga is more of a type of exercise than a sport.

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