Is Young Earth Creationism Only The Product Of Ellen White's Brain Damage?

Asked by: Sagey
  • A Follower Of Ellen White's Who Believed In Ellen's Hallucination, George McCready Price, Produced The YEC Bible, "Flood Geology", The Rest Is History.

    Ellen White suffered brain damage to the regions that commonly produce Out Of Body Hallucinations and Visions Of Gods, these combined to produce a vision of God creating everything in Six normal days. Ellen, the leading figure of the Seventh Day Adventist movement had a follower who took her visions and produced a pseudo-scientific book of nonsense entitled "Flood Geology".
    George McCready Price took his scientific naivety and Ellen's hallucination to produce his work of nonsense to assert her vision as scientific reality. This book was defeated by geologists almost as soon as it was published. As a scientific text, it never saw the light of day.
    Though it did gain a following among the extremely naive Christian fundamentalists.

    It was only when the likes of Henry Morris who had some geological training decided to usurp the Christian fundamentalist following by publicly pushing "Flood Geology" with his own twist on it, as Henry saw the profit potential of making such claims.
    So Henry drummed up support and created an oxymoronic research establishment that does absolutely no research, thus the funds all line the pockets of the members and produces pseudo-scientific literature, which they also sell for extra profit.
    Ken Ham, from Australia saw the potential for this and jumped on the now lucrative bandwagon and is reaping a massive profit from his "Creationist Museum" and Answers-in-Genesis support.

    Isn't is strange how Hallucinations of a single person can start a multi-million dollar Enterprise.

    Young Earth Creationism is not really based on the Bible, it is not based on any honest observation of reality, It is solely based on Ellen White's Brain Damage produced Out Of Body Hallucination!

    I've had Out Of Body Hallucinations, but, I know them to be Hallucinations.
    Ellen thought hers were real.
    George Price and her followers thought them to be real.
    Science/Neurology knows they were not real.

    YEC is thus a Brain Damage Based Delusion.

  • No, It Isn't

    I don't know who this Ellen White is. But whoever she is, she is not important to Creationism today.
    I have nothing more to say on this particular "opinion," so I'll spend the remainder of my needed words talking about my cat. My cat is very awesome; awesome and fierce.

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Sagey says2014-02-13T01:16:18.547
Here are some Sources: Ellen White's visions, from the Seventh Day Adventist church:
Note that the Ark was in her vision: This is what led Mr. Price to his "Flood Geology" book, to prove Ellen's vision's as right.
That is not science, that is scientific Fraud, to attempt to make science fit a preconceived notion.

A Christian view, from the Reasonable Faith movement on the History of Modern Creationism:

From the National Center For Science Education (NCSE):

From PZ Myers own research on the Evolution of Creationism:

I hope you find these sources convincing and in support of my Opinion.
Sagey says2014-02-13T11:48:53.820
Though it does also appear that The Bible is a product of Hallucinations.
The Old Testament from Abraham/Moses's Hallucination(s) and the New Testament from Saul's Hallucination.
If Jesus existed, then his hallucinations also created the New Testament.
Sagey says2014-02-13T11:50:40.323
Though Joan of Arc also performed her quest from the influence of her Hallucinations.
Hallucinations appear to be the biggest driving force behind nonsense, such as Religion and Pseudo-Science.
Sagey says2014-02-13T22:32:06.853
Ellen White's Hallucination is behind "Flood Geology" and the Six Day Creation myth pushed by Young Earth today.
She started it all, George McCready Price's work in "Flood Geology" is still being pushed by the likes of ICR's head geologist, Andrew Snelling, even though the world's real geologists had destroyed all of it decades ago.
The same Stupidity, the same Ignorance of reality.
Ellen White's Hallucination is still the basis for Young Earth Creationism today and forever.
That's a proven FACT!

Ellen White was the founder of the Seventh Day Adventist movement.
The movement was based on her Hallucinations.
Just as the Mormons were based on Joseph Smith's Hallucinations.

Young Earth Creationists are still just pushing 19th Century, Seventh Day Adventist Stupidity.
That is all they ever will be doing in the future.

BTW: Evolution has long left behind Charles Darwin's work, it has advanced a thousand fold since Darwin existed.
Because Science is forever discovering new evidence exponentially.

Young Earth Creationism never found any evidence supporting their argument, so it has never advanced beyond Ellen White's hallucinations and never will.

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