Is your child’s behavior the direct result of how you have brought them up?

  • How can it not be?

    The characteristic of a child is determined within the first few years of life.. Way before he or she are exposed to other influences.. From experience we know that we get upset when we are hurt by someone close to us more than we do from a stranger.. So the influence of a parent (the closest person to the child) is significant..Both ways..In good and bad...
    If you take pride in the good accomplishments of your children.. And say "this is my son" or "this is my daughter".. Then you must also say the same when your child does something that you don't see as being pride worthy!

  • No it is not

    A child's behaviour is not just from a parent because most of the things a child learns will be from school which is drugs, money, smoking, weapons & all the other things that parents want their kids to stay away from plus most of this s/he will be getting all these ideas from their 'friends' who probably do these things themselves.

  • It's not just how you raise them.

    Children, although mostly brought up by their parents, also have outside influence and genetics. Me and my sister were brought up in the same environment with the same parents in the same house and we couldn't be more different. She's smart and outgoing while I'm really shy with around two close friends.

  • Kids have Free will

    Do children not have free will children have there own way of thinking they are there own person no matter what ever you do it's the children are responsible not the parent for the way they act. In fact people are usually more influenced by there friend's then the parents so how can the parents be at fault.

  • Behavior is partly genetic

    Many twin-studies have shown that certain aspects of behavior and character are actually heritable! (I know this must sound weird to people unfamiliar with this knowledge). The rest is determined by its experiences and environment. This includes EVERYTHING the child encounters: parental care, peer pressure, school teachings, illnesses/accidents, media, etc. Etc. In other words, how you raise them isn't the direct and only cause for their behaviour.

  • Nature and Nurture

    I believe that a child's behavior is partially based on their upbringing or how they are raised by their parents and partially related to their environment. I feel that children can receive tools in the home for the successful negotiation of obstacles in the world, but these tools may be outdated for the environment which the child is actually exposed to. A child growing up in a two parent home is more likely to be successful than a child growing up in a single parent home. I am not saying that successful children only come from two parent homes I am saying the rate of success is statistically greater for two parent homes. A child being raised in an area with inadequate schools, higher crime rate, and drug use is statistically less likely to succeed.

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