Is your love for yourself what makes you want to live forever or is it your pleasure.

Asked by: steffon66
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  • I am not a gambling man.

    I do not know what the afterlife has to offer. It may be wonderful. It may be horrible. There may be nothing remarkable about it either way. Or it may not even exist. However, I'm very familiar with life. Therefore, I'm going to extend my life as long as possible. Even forever if/when technology allows it. I'll confront the afterlife, or lack thereof, when I'm forced to and not a moment sooner.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Both are wrong.

    I don't think personal love or pleasure are why people wish to live beyond natural death. Assuming we are talking about an afterlife, not immortality, I think it is more about fear and hope. People fear the idea of not existing because they feel it means that their life meant nothing. They also hope that they, in a sense, can still live among their family or at least see them in the afterlife. Nobody wants to think that they or others who died before just stopped existing so they basically hope that there is life after death.

  • Neither for me.

    To me, living for ever sounds like a personal version of hell. No one was made to live forever, and If we seceded in doing it, then we would all go mad eventually.

    As for love for myself, or for my pleasure, Well, life's to short to really care about such things.

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