• Yes, stocks are safer.

    Yes, I believe stocks are safer than bonds. Investors have a better chance of retaining their money through the corporations and stock companies than through bonds. Bond investors are simply lending money to an issuer, which makes the issuer in debted to the investor. However, with stocks the money becomes an equity, meaning the person investing owns a small portion of the company.

  • Your money is safer in bonds.

    In general, your money is safer in bonds. This is because stocks are considered riskier and more volatile. Stock values can rise and fall sharply which makes them a less predictable and less secure investment. Stocks offer more risk but the potential reward can be much higher, whereas bonds offer less return but are generally considered safer.

  • Money Safer Home

    Many people feel their money is safer at home. This is because it is very possible that banks can fail, stocks and bonds included. In a major disaster, it is impossible for people to withdraw money from their accounts. When a bank goes under water, then who will be there?

  • Safer in bonds!

    At least you know for sure what you are getting when you use bonds. It is not as wishy-washy as stocks are to invest in bonds. Yes, it takes years and years for them to be of a great value, but if you are investing for the future then that might be a good thing to deter you from spending that money on something else.

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