Is youth sports (such as football, soccer, field hockey, etc) bad for children?

Asked by: CactusGuy87
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  • I believe yes.

    Although sports can cost a lot, and cause injuries, the benefits out way the negatives. The benefits include, keeping them in shape, helps them get better at thinking on their feet, and allows them to making more friends easier. Therefore I believe that youth sports are good, for all children.

  • "Sport" are required for Modern Societies to Properly function.

    In the good ol' days kids fought to the death on Battlefields...

    And people complain about minor injuries in Modern Sports LOL

    If Sports were all banned then society would crumble faster than Feminists on Election Night, since Sports are probably the most effective way to teach cooperation and worth ethic to Children. As well as the #2 Way to Combat growing rates of Obesity (Behind Cutting Sugar and Carbs in a diet)

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