Is Youtube better than Twitch for live streaming?

Asked by: freshtommy
  • Youtube is better.

    Youtube has more people on it, and you can easily choose between live and pre-recorded. Twitch is still a work in progress, and is not very organized. Besides, the only reason Google bought Twitch was because they felt bad, and needed to save Twitch from failing terribly. Youtube is better.

  • Lots more people making it better

    More people more types of videos even good with bad internet a lot of the time and runs smoothly and i dont got much more to say so p s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

  • YouTube is soooooooo much better!

    You can do so much more then you can do on twitch. Plus its easier to use. Twitch is only live streams and you can just post. Making it harder.
    It has millions more users then twitch. Plus Twitch is a huge hypocrite when it comes to rules... Or its just dumb. Twitch banned a amazing game known as yandere simulator. Without giving a response why. The creator known as yandere dev says that they are upset about stuff in the game. But he also says that they let other games with the same stuff is not banned.

  • K a p p a

    If i want shit emojis on a crashing client you will catch me useing youtube and their low budget stream source that has no tits K A P P A K A P P A K A P P A K A P P A K A P P A

  • Twitch is better

    Clearly @freshtommy has no clue what they are talking about. The post asked which is better for live streaming, and twitch is much better for it. While YouTube does have a larger userbase and it is better for pre-recorded videos, its live streaming is under par to say the least. Twitch was made for the sole purpose of live streaming. While its pre-recorded videos may be not be its strongest suit, they are not meant to be. Google did not buy Twitch, Amazon did. Amazon bought twitch because Twitch is the third largest traffic site on the web. Not only does Twitch provide far superior Live Stream customization options, quality, and community. It allows good broadcasters to actually make a living from it.

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