• Youtube is killng the music industry

    Before, music would always pay the producers when it was listened to. But now, youtube exists, and illegal downloading, which doesnt pay the producers because you dont pay for it. GET RID OF YOUTUBE!! YOUTUBE IS RUINING MUSIC!! WE DONT NEED YOUTUBE!! GET RID OF YOUTUBE, BRING BACK MORE CDS!!

  • I would have not found almost every band that like if it was not for YouTube.

    Sure you don"t have to pay for songs but bands can still make money off of ad revenue. Plus there are record labels that feature a large verity of musicians. Indie artist would never got the recognition they deserved if we were limited by a budget for payments on albums. If this is anything killing the music industry it would be radio stations that only feature the most generic pop singers

  • Music never gets killed.

    Music is something that everyone loves and enjoys listening to. That is why I think that it could never get killed. Youtube is an enoumous websit which allows people to listen to music freely, that is great. Obvioulsy there are a lot of illigal stuff there, like downloading the songs, but I don't think it is something ofensive that is killing the music industry.

  • Youtube helps music industry

    Recently, musics are mostly found in YouTube because it gives us oppurtunity to listen to songs for free. If we like the song, we can find the album and buy it but if we don’t we can just pass it we won’t lose anything.

    But let’s think about YouTube without any songs or musics. We would have to buy albums and if we wouldn’t like songs, our money would be wasted

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