• Facts, not fiction.

    If the makers of the movie are trying to portray events that actually happened, great, but at least depict the country right. Who speaks Arabic in Pakistan? Foreigners live in luxury and the U.S. Embassy is certainly no joke, it's heavily guarded with barricades. It's ridiculous how much propaganda Hollywood spreads.

  • Yes, it is. But who cares?

    Yes, it's hard to see this movie as anything but insulting to Pakistan. It portrays Pakistan in a bad light, particularly the Pakistani government. However, who cares? It's just a movie. Movies come out that insult different countries and groups all the time. People can feel offended and insulted all they want, but it's not like the movie is going anywhere. They'd better just get on with their lives.

  • Zero Dark Thirty is a Movie Portraying Facts

    Zero Dark Thirty should not be considered insulting to Pakistan because it a movie based on accurate facts. There is nothing insulting about facts. I believe that some people may find it insulting because it is rather recent in our history and people still need time to process and get past it. It should also not be considered insulting because it is a movie. Although some movies are informative a movies main purpose is entertainment. If a person does not believe he or she will be entertained by the movie or will find it insulting do not view it.

  • Historical Accuracy should not be insulting

    Its all about perspective, there are so many films that portray a group of people in such a negative light, the film was not doing that. It was just presenting facts about a topic that is still touchy because it happened like 2 years ago. people need more time to process what it is that happened.

  • There is nothing insulting about facts.

    Yes some details may or may not be true about the movies account, but the main points of the movie are true. We (Americans) did have an elite team searching for Bin Laden in Pakistan, and he was killed. With any story, dramatic liberties are taken, but the bases are rooted in fact. If they choose to be offended, then it is their fault and they need to develop a thicker skin. It's also not like we're portraying the death of a saint. It would be extremely hard to argue that Osama Bin Laden was anything, but bad person. Someone who feels offended over his death and portrayal is not worth trying to please in the first place.

  • No more than Michael Moore

    Movies are intended to be entertainment, with that said there will always be someone that is offended by almost any movie. Pakistanis should be no more offended by 'Zero Dark Thirty' than Americans are by almost all of Michael Moore's movies about our society. 'Zero Dark Thirty' was merely set in Pakistan. Given that the movie speaks to the "unsuitability" of some of the officials in their government, by no means does this demean the people of the entire country.

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