• Yes, name is everything.

    Zyzz is definitely one of the most prominent of the aesthetics because of name recognition. I couldn't name 4 other ones if you asked me to. Name is everything and people know who he is. Does this make him the best? No, probably not. He is succeeding because we know his name though.

  • One of the best

    Yes, I do think that he has one of the most aesthetic bodies that is out there. He has it all, being really lean, but has a lot of muscle mass to make him look big. He is also naturally very symmetric, and his body is one of the best.

  • He is popular.

    Yes, Zyzz is one of the more prominent of the Aesthetics, because people know of him. To ask anyone who is into bodybuilding who the prominent people are, Zyzz is sure to come up. His body is more crafted and distinct than many of the people who are into bodybuilding.

  • Zyzz is merely a subset of a bodybuilding aesthetic.

    Zyzz is nothing more than a pursuit of a low bodyfat percentage combined with well-formed muscle groups. Accordingly it's basically just bodybuilding. Beyond this Zyzz becomes a social lifestyle insofar as the way one acts or treats others, which in the broader understanding of Zyzz typically denotes a negative connotation.

  • No, Zyzz was not one of the prominents of Aesthetics.

    I think that Zyzz was an individual who had a lot of personal and aesthetical issues. I think that his fan base was also pretty silly. Zyzz's aesthetics were also ruined by his cliche tattoos. I also think people need to stop talking about Zyzz because if they do not, they will not have time to acquire aesthetics.

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