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  • Under no circumstances

    Most European nations have long abolished the death penalty and I see no justification for its reintroduction in these nations or its continued existence in others. A society cannot consider itself to be humane or civilized if it uses this so-called deterrent. As a deterrent, it is wholly ineffective. In the 19th century, many people in Britain were hanged for relatively trivial offences of theft, yet hanging did nothing to reduce the rate of such crimes. The many cases of wrongful conviction should also be considered, such as those of the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six in the UK, where innocent people were imprisoned for many years for crimes they did not commit. All of these people would have been sentenced to death under a society that continued to use that penalty.

  • No lo creo

    No es la mejor banda de rock de todos los tiempos, aparte repiten mucho las palabras en sus canciones, es la copia barata de killers, se creen rockeros por su vestimenta y creen que son unicos y diferentes. Pero los delata su musica cumbiera, hay mejores bandas quee ellos.
    Ada e isa vargas

  • Too many other great bands to say this

    There have been so many great rock bands over time that I think it is hardly fair to call ZZ Top the best. One could argue that LED Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, or even KISS are better rock bands. It's a matter of personal preference. Even awards and album sales can't quite tell the answer of who is the greatest.

  • ZZ Top is not the best rock band of all time

    ZZ Top has had the same members for almost fifty years. Sadly, this doesn't make them the best rock band ever. They lack the variety and skill that distinguishes the truly great musical acts from the mediocre. It seems that, since ZZ Top sticks to the same formula over and over, they're destined for the "mediocre" label.

  • ZZ Top is definitely not the best band

    There have been so many bands that have been innovative, popular, and influential that ZZ Top can't possibly claim to be the best. A few of them, like The Beatles, were all three. Those are the bands that can make that claim. And what is ZZ Top's claim? Being longlasting and popular? Many bands have been, and many have also been important to the world for one reason or another. ZZ Top might be a great band, but it can't make that claim either.

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