Isaiah Austin's NBA career ends before it can begin: Should at-risk basketball players be tested?

  • They need a wellness program.

    Yes, NBA players should be tested, and prospective players should be taken care of as well, because the NBA is a profession that involves the body. In any profession where the body is very important, a hollistic wellness program is very important to the well-being of the players. They can do a great deal of good for their players.

  • Yes, at risk players should be tested.

    Austin has a rare condition that sets his heart at a major risk if he continues to play basketball. It is a tragedy because he is very skilled and badly wanted to play in the NBA. However, it will save his life to retire. All players should be tested after this upsetting revelation, as it will help prevent another's dreams from being crushed.

  • How can you tell an at-risk player?

    How could it be possible to test at-risk players when it might not be known if a player is at-risk or not. Do we test every player just to check before they start playing the game? At what point would you check? Before ever playing the game, before entering college on a sports scholarship? Before being drafted into the NBA?

  • No, at risk ballplayers should not be tested.

    At risk ballplayers should not be tested for Marfan syndrome. It is my belief that professional athletes should be treated the same as employees in any other industry. Other industries have job descriptions that require rigorous physical activities and they are not tested for Marfan syndrome disorder. Additionally, it should be a personal choice for a person to engage in these activities if they are known to have the disorder.

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