• De-radicalization is the best way

    If the US tries to influence countries to place secular governments in the Middle East which will crack down on extremist religious views, monitor possible extremist clergymen and take down sites online which are suspected of recruiting or aiding recruitment, the US will significantly clamp down on recruitment and ISIS will burn through its manpower if it countinues wasting it the way it is.

  • Yes,the West can and will stop ISIL or "Daesh".

    ISIL or Daesh, has been committing atrocious crimes.The victims of these crimes included not just Iraqi citizens, but also of powerful Western states. When they did, these states fought back hard! ISIL/Daesh has lost a huge amount of territory since their peak in early 2015. Many of their leaders have been killed and they are now attacked on many fronts.The Kurdish forces in the north, the Iraqi army in the East and Turkish forces in the North West. The question is not if the West will stop ISIL/Daesh but when will the West stop ISIL/Daesh?

  • Yes, they can.

    To a degree. It will not end overnight. Retaliation and violence is not the answer either. Neither is banning muslims or Islam. What will help is working to create peaceful solutions between people of differing faiths and to help stop ISIS from recruiting new members in whatever ways are efffective.

  • Yes, the west can stop ISIL.

    The West can stop ISIL, but it will take a much larger commitment. The United States, NATO and our Middle Eastern allies must make a much greater military commitment in order to defeat the Islamic State. Limited airstrikes are not going to stop the Islamic State from spreading its terror. It will take a sustained, long-term military campaign to stop ISIL.

  • The west are the problem.

    If the West had not been supporting ISIL, they could have been defeated ages ago. How does ISIL get their hands on the latest weapons? How are they able to write freely on social media? How come some of their videos have proven to be STAGED by the WESTERNS with the use of green screens. Ask yourself these questions, the whole government is CORRUPTED, and media is the problem!

  • It is hard to fight.

    The United States won the revolutionary war because they hid in the bushes and took their shots. They did not fight neatly in rows like the British did. This is similar to how ISIL fights today. They fight their war in the shadows. They attack when no one suspects it. They are impossible to defeat.

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