• ISIS must be eradicated

    The United Nations must send in a force to crush the ISIS fighters once and for all. Once ISIS is defeated there will be universal peace in the globe. Once ISIS disappears, the UNited Nations should create a task force so that something like this can never happen again in our liiftimes.

  • USA supports ISIS from stub and fights with leaves!!!

    All radical Muslim terrorists all over the world e.g. Al-Qaeedah, Buku Haram, ISIS, An-Nusrah and... Are basically Wahhabi Muslims.

    USA supports Wahhabi nations a lot and weakens other pacific sects of Islam. On the other hand, carry outs some air strikes to decieve people of the world!!!
    You have no idea how rich Wahhabi lobbies have increases Wahhabi Muslims' populations in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe, Indonesia and other countries.
    Just do research about this radical sect of Islam. You will find out how dangerous they are. Even their children can attack and kill...

  • Counties need to fight their own battles

    The country of Indonesia needs to prepare their own attack or response to ISIS. The U.S./U.N. can not be responsible for policing the world of enemies and attacks across the globe. There any many issues for the U.S. government to solve regarding the needs of their own citizens and resources.

  • ISIS is fictitious

    Giving additional attention to ISIS only gives them more power. In the grand scheme of things, quaint organizations like ISIS do absolutely nothing to the human race. Allowing terrorism to trick us into thinking we are somehow in danger is its only weapon. Further, generalized retaliation against a guerrilla militia is a recipe for backlash and disaster.

  • Global powers are already striking against ISIS

    The U.S., U.N., and other global powers (France) are already doing drone and ground strikes against ISIS and are reporting success. These successful strikes have wounded the ISIS leader, burnt millions of ISIS dollars, and took back former ISIS territory. Retaliatory strikes would be redundant, expensive, and likely outside of the stated mission. So-called "mission-creep" should be avoided when fighting such a nebulous and resilient enemy.

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