• If debate trumps violence,

    The world can see true peace. Peaceful debating and compromise is necessary to see this. Not the "if you are not my religion or race I will use violence." Because that is exactly what people are doing. I hope we can move past that one day and live in harmony.

  • The world can be at peace if the hard work is done

    While we may look at conflict around the world and despair at the possibility of world peace, it is a fact that there is less violent death due to conflict now than at many periods in the past. As standards of living, nutrition, and education improve worldwide, there is less and less incentive for violent conflict. Advances in technology can provide the resources and stability needed to overcome the petty violence that has plagued human kind for so long.

  • I Want Peace But It Will Never Happen

    We live in an imperfect world, so world peace is very, very unlikely to happen. However, if we limit our self-centrism and resolve arguments by thinking of all sides rather than just our own, we will be able to create for ourselves a better world, but still an imperfect one. Then again, I only said that getting rid of war was very unlikely...

  • No the world will "never be at peace."

    The first point of this discussion is the fact that the world has "never been at peace." Throughout history there has always be an conflict occurring between political parties somewhere in the world. The only question was how much was it going to involve the rest of the world's countries. ISIS is just another political group using violence to express their position.

  • We are on earth.

    As long as we are on earth, we will never truly have peace. We are humans. We are not perfect, and we are fallen. To that end, we will always have fights. We will always disagree and there will always be people who want things, whether or not those things are reasonable.

  • Humans do not want peace

    Humans are an interesting species. Everyone claims to want peace, however this is only if they are not involved in the problem. For example, the United States wants peace between Ukraine and Russia. However, if it was parts of Alaka that were being taken you can bet that we would be at war right now.

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