ISIS continues massive retreat as Syrian forces advance towards Tabaqa: Should ISIS be considered Syria's problem?

  • Clean your own house

    Yes, ISIS should be considered Syria's problem, because Syria has to take responsibility for things that happen in their own country. Syria needs help, that is for sure, but it's unfair to expect the rest of the world to fight off ISIS if Syria isn't also willing to fight them off. ISIS' retreat is a positive sign, and Syria needs to take advantage of this and take the reigns of their own country.

  • They're everyone's problem

    People need to realize that this threat from ISIS is the biggest and scariest threat that has been presented to us in decades. We can't take this threat lightly and let our guard down or it could be fatal. We need to act now and annihilate those monsters before this mess gets out of hand.

  • ISIS is not just Syria's problem.

    ISIS is a problem for the entire world, not just for Syria. Although Syria is the place that is currently experiencing a great impact, ISIS must be eradicated for the protection of all countries. The leaders of ISIS will not stop at Syria or even the Middle East, but left unchallenged will attempt domination of any other country they can. They must be stopped.

  • ISIS is not just Syrias problem,it is an international problem

    I agree that ISIS started with creating problems in Syria but now it is spreading its wings across the world. Hence each country should work towards educating its own people about ISIS and the consequences of its activities. ISIS should be considered an International problem and not just Syrias problem.

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