• No, ISIS will not take care of the girl.

    No, it is my belief that it is not okay for ISIS to be issuing a reward for finding this Danish girl. This is because, since the question says dead or alive, they do not care whether or not the girl will be useful to them, it is merely for satisfaction reasons. Either way, this is not okay because ISIS is also notorious for slavery.

  • No, I don't agree with putting a bounty on someone's head.

    No, it's not a good thing at all that ISIS wants the capture of a certain Danish girl who fought with Kurds, or that they want her dead or alive. I think this sort of behavior dehumanizes people. A bounty on a civilian's head is wrong. She's just a person, trying to live her life. Leave her alone.

  • Disagree, because the some of the ISIS fighters are slaves.

    Many of the people who went to join ISIS, now they just want to return home.Some of the women are kept as sex slaves and deeply regret their decisions. The ISIS leaders are the ones that should be targeted not the foot soldiers. The price of 1 million is way too high anyway.

  • It is tragic.

    ISIS does not care who lives or dies. It only cares about furthering its ideology. It is tragic that ISIS is using innocent children. These children do not know what they believe. It is terrible for these children who might not even live to see their adulthood. These children are victims.

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