ISIS destroys tetrapylon monument in Palmyra. Should there be financial repercussions for captured ISIS members?

  • Yes, there should be financial and other repercussions for senseless destruction of ancient wonders.

    Islamic State militants has destroyed a tetrapylon which was part of a Roman theatre in the ancient city of Palmyra. This makes me sad on so many levels. These radicals are destroying things that cannot be regained in a useless attempt to erase evidence of any civilization that doesn't support their ends. So very senseless.

  • Yes, ISIS members should be held liable.

    Not only is the Islamic State killing innocent people in terrorists attacks, but they are also destroying ancient monuments. The first order of business should be to stop ISIS from attacking innocent people - defeating them. However, captured ISIS members should face financial repercussions for destroying valuable property and ancient artifacts.

  • Assets are part of war.

    Yes, there should be financial repercussions for ISIS members, because cutting off financial resources is one of the most important ways to fight a war. If we can cut off their finances, they won't be able to plan and carry out as many attacks. It's also important for them to know their families will suffer if they commit acts of terror.

  • I don't think a financial repercussions can be enforced with ISIS

    How is there any way to enforce financial repercussions from a terrorist group like ISIS? This isn't an organization with financial stability to be able to pay monetary amounts as repercussion. I don't think this idea can be enforced and should not be considered as a form of punishment in any way.

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