• Starve them of propaganda

    Propaganda is what fuels the fires of individuals that believe so much that they are doing the right thing by sacrificing their own lives to try to take out as many as possible. We need to show them that this doesn't in fact change anything and we will carry on regardless of their brainwashed stupidity.

  • ISIS will be stopped as long as the international community works together.

    The reason that ISIS have managed to gain a foothold in Syria is because of the weakened infrastructure and social fabric of that country. The international community could move in to stabilise the situation if they worked in a more coordinated way than they are currently. Without their strongholds in Syria, ISIS would be incapable of fighting as an army meaning they would endure defections. This would cause their propaganda campaign to fall apart, reducing their number of new recruits. After a brief period, the group would be irrevocably shattered.

  • ISIS can and will be stopped.

    ISIS can and will be stopped. Groups like these only last so long. However, countries may have to go to war to eradicate them. However, I fear that other terror groups will gain traction when ISIS dies down and continue with the same nonsense.Security laws should be increased and this type of behavior should not be tolerated.

  • ISIS can be stopped

    ISIS can be stopped but, it may take longer than we think. Every time that a leader of the ISIS group is killed or captured, they seem to grow stronger and more resilient. It will not be a problem that can be fixed by simply killing the heads of the party. It will be a problem that needs to be fixed by changing the mindset of the people in the party. Which is much more difficult than simply killing off their leaders.

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