ISIS No Longer Controls any Iraqi Oil: Does this mean the United States no longer has an interest in defeating ISIS?

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  • No, the US still has an interest in defeating ISIS

    Even if ISIs doesn't control Iraqi Oil, the US still has to focus on defeating it. Among other things, ISIS and entities like it have a fairly deep seated hatred of the US and a desire to act in ways to hurt our country and our citizens. Just because it doesn't control oil doesn't mean ISIS will stop targeting the US. So it remains in US interest to continue to try to defeat it.

  • The US is still invested in defeating ISIS

    The news that ISIS doesn't have the control of any Iraqi oil is amazing. However, this means that the United States still has a long way to go to defeat this terrorist organization. Just because they do not have the control of Iraqi oil does not make them less dangerous.

  • No, this does not mean that the U.S. has no interest in defeating ISIS.

    The fact that ISIS controls no Iraqi oil does not mean that the United States has no interests in defeating the terrorist organization. ISIS is still a threat to America and the world. The United States is still committed to defeating the Islamic State; however, losing its oil will likely hurt the terror group.

  • Oil has nothing to do with the desire to defeat ISIS

    ISIS has become our darkest enemy, having carried out or inspired terrorist attacks that have killed so very many people. We are not looking to defeat them due to the oil they control but rather because of the harm and hurt that they have caused to our country and across the rest of the world.

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