• The U.S. has a lot of "hands on" experience in these matters

    Yes, I believe that USA can stop ISIS, mainly because that organization is (un)wanted product of both covert and open interference and actions of USA in that region for the past couple of decades. This is the Taliban story all over again, and in the same way the US eventually came around and crushed their former protégées, ISIS could be stopped as well. The U.S. has all the resources already deployed in the region: bases, airfields, military, intelligence, agents, contacts, insiders etc. , so it is not a question of being able, but of being willing to stop them.

  • ISIS must be stopped to maintain our way of life

    Right now ISIS thinks they have made some huge gains. I believe that France took the correct steps to take them out. If other countries, such as the USA would follow suit, they would have no way to maintain their organization. Personally, I just don't understand why people have become so tolerant of evil people. Killing anyone for their religious belief is just unacceptable. If ISIS is not stopped, our religious freedom will be in the past. The US has the ability to step in. We got rid of Bin Laden and his gang and we can also disband ISIS. Our leaders just need to step up and get the job done.

  • Yes the US could stop ISIS

    It is certainly possible to stop ISIS. It will take determination, and a willingness to not be politically correct. We need to join with our allies, and allow our military to run free. They need to be able to do their jobs, based on their intelligence, and take out every target they find. We need to stop doing business with countries that foster terrorism, and root it out everywhere we can find it.

  • ISIS isn't the entire issue.

    Terrorism can never really be "extinguished." These terrorist organizations are a lot like ants. They talk a big game, but are actually not a large threat to a global powerhouse like the United States. Eventually, these ants will get out of control (like they are now), and the US can try to wipe them out entirely, rather than simply crippling them temporarily, and moving onto bigger national issues. The biggest mistake we can make is to invest too much resources, time and attention in the Middle East and lose focus on Russia, China, our increasing debt, etc.

  • No, the U.S. cannot stop ISIS

    No, the U.S. cannot stop ISIS because the problem of ISIS is bigger than any one country can handle alone. In my opinion, it will take a multinational force akin to the allies of World War II to defeat the menace of ISIS. ISIS has disregarded borders so it will take many nations' strengths and capabilities to win the day.

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