ISIS Sets $1mn Reward for Killing Danish Girl who Fought with Kurds: Should Danish government release her from prison?

  • Yes they did.

    The Danish girl did what she could to stay safe during war. She does not deserve the harsh punishment that she is being given. However the Danish goverment should not give into the demands of ISIS and simply hand her over to them. ISIS is a terrorist organization and this Danish girl should be considered a hero.

  • The Danish freedom fighter should be released from prison.

    At the time that the wider world community is taking no action to stop the killing of innocents in Syria, the Danish Government has a citizen in jail for fighting with the Kurds and against ISIS. Maybe soldiers of fortune should not be encourage, but here we have a women fighting a group that does barbaric things to other humans. It just does not seem right. She should be given an award.

  • No, not yet.

    No, I don't think the Danish government should release this person from prison yet. There she is safe from ISIS. If they release her now, she'll be dead in no time. Keeping her imprisoned for a while longer will keep her alive until, hopefully, people forget about her. Then she can be released quietly. She'll probably need to change her name and her looks to stay alive.

  • She needs care.

    The Danish government should keep this girl in jail for her own safety. There are many people in Europe that would love to take advantage of a one million dollar reward. The safest place for this girl to be is in prison, regardless of what she has done. She needs to protect her safety.

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