• Ofcourse it is

    Although when compared to other religions Islam does give more rights to women, it is still a religion created in the 7th century CE in Arabia. The values have changed significantly from back then. Religion is mysoginistic in general. I wouldn't call Islam as much as anti-women as same laws apply to both men and women, but it's definitely mysogonistic.

  • There are factions of the Islamic faith that are anit-women

    Although saying the Islamic faith in general is anti-women is probably too broad of a statement, there are plenty of examples of certain sects employing customs that are anti-women. One disturbing example is the continued practice of female genital mutilation in some populations. In some countries today women are still denied some of the rights that women enjoy in other countries and that should be viewed as universal rights.

  • Islam is clearly anti-women

    The internet has meant things like the Quran can now be accessed instantly by anyone. It means we can all read it and see how horrible it is, including how it treats women. It shows how suppressed they are that women who follow the faith simply accept they are lesser people than males and get on with it.

  • All traditional religions are.

    Religions such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism and even Hinduism when they are condensed to their traditional form are highly restrictive of women. This is because the philosophies behind these religions were formed in an era of extreme patriarchy where women were viewed as essentially inferior to men. Therefore traditional interpretations of Islam and other religions will always make a virtue out of misogyny.

  • No, it is not.

    Islam, like many religions, teaches that women are different and equal to men. That they are complimentary to men. This is very different from being anti-women. Women are not hated, but are instead respected and revered. This does not mean that the there are not to women who want to be treated differently in the Islamic world.

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