Islam: Can the Qur'an be verified or disproven by external sources?

  • Some of the Qur'an is historically true.

    As with any set of scriptural texts, even the Judeo Christian Bible,some of the facts will be verifiable because they are historic, such as those things about certain people or places or even ideas. But the principles that underlie the texts and the stories that are meant to be symbolic or mythological can not be proven or disproven objectively.

  • Qur'an Cannot be Verified or Disproven by External Sources

    No, the Qur'an cannot be verified or disproven by extenal sources as, like all other works of religious texts, the Qu'ran is a collection of axioms and parables, rather than a literal interpretation of events that have actually occurred. This makes proving or disproving its words nigh impossible, to say the least.

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