Islam: Does the Qur'an encourage unethical behavior?

  • Concept of heaven and hell

    The very existence of "doing acts in order to avoid your fear and belief of hell" is flawed and unethical, because it says nothing about avoiding harming yourself or others. Some believe that harming yourself and others is a way of going to heaven or avoiding eternal torture. Religion can always be reinterpreted to mean things that are unethical and immoral.

    Ethics based on mutual benefit or at least actions that result in non-zero-sum benefits can be considered as a viable alternative that will increase the well being of everyone involved.

  • Qur'an does not support unethical behavior, it guides a person to do right and avoid wrong for the fear of Allah.

    Qur'an is a complete book that guides mankind on what is right and wrong. Knowing how to read, understanding the content and following it rightly makes mankind to be on the right truck.

    Therefore, it tells us what was yesterday, what is today and what will be tomorrow. Thank you

  • The Qur'an does not encourage unethical behavior.

    The Koran teaches Muslims to do right in all things. It is incredibly similar to the Bible in that
    way. There is no teaching in the Koran
    that is unethical or immoral. Islam
    teaches Muslims to strive for perfection in all they do. The Koran encourages believers to do right so
    that they can be blessed for their good deeds and go to heaven.

  • Qur'an does not encourage unethical behavior.

    The Qur'an is just like the Bible for Christians. It has good and bad lessons in it. Just because it is the main book of a religion that the USA does not particularly like, does not mean that the Qur'an encourages unethical behavior. In fact, I do believe that most of the items in the Qur'an are for ethical behavior.

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