• Jews get the lions share.

    Islam, like many other religions, has a special disdain for those who don't follow it's doctrine.

    Jews in particular seem to receive the brunt of this disdain, with many verses from Muslim holy script reinforcing the fact that Jews are not to be trusted, unclean, easily deceived, easily deceitful, cowardly, perverted, and on and on.

    It's not a stretch to consider that Jews aren't too well liked in the Qu'ran.

    It's also not a stretch to see Muslim behavior towards Jews, what with the constant attempts to "drive them into the ocean".

    One of my favorite verses (although I'm sure I'm paraphrasing to an extent):

    The cowardly Jews will flee and hide behind every rock and tree, but the rocks and trees will say "hey, there's a Jew behind me, come and kill him" except this one particular tree, because it's a Jewish tree. (and apparently has bias to defend the Jews, cause you know how trees get)

    So I guess the moral of THAT story is... I don't know, don't plant those trees if you're planning on doing some killing.

  • It is a MONO-THEISTIC Religion

    Monotheism is inherently opposed to any other religion, not specifically anti-[insert religion here]. We cannot judge the religion by it's followers, it seems. As a lot of these religions have quite beautiful points to make that become perverted as time goes on. This is not more clear than when looking at modern extremism.

    HOWEVER, there is some extremely charged language toward the Jews in the Qu'ran, but there is such in the Bible at Paganism and others.

    Islam as a religion is not specifically Antisemitic, which is what this opinion seems to imply, but it seems as a practice it has devolved into it.

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Jinnymac says2014-10-14T14:14:51.593
Every religion thinks there's is the right one, some blatantly discredit some are more subtle, but religions are all anti other religions in some degree. So yes is the answer. And anti something normally leads to conflict. I rest my case.
DavidMGold says2014-10-14T22:28:36.153
I don't know how my response disappeared from my question...Anyone know the cause of this?