• It is not compatible

    A political ideology, Not a religion. There are countless sources of why islam is incompatible with any society, People just need to look into muhammad to see why it cannot be a force for good in the world. He is the example for them and he is a very bad one.

  • IT is not

    The Muslim countries are very backwards compare to the Western society. Muslims believer women are inferior to Men, Compare to the West, Where women have the same rights as Men. The Middle East îs quite theocratic, While the West is secular. And now, Muslims want Europe to embrace Islam. NEVER!

  • Islam is incompatible with Western society because their values go against ours.

    Islam teaches not to kill babies because you're poor (Quran 17:31), Whereas in Western society it's okay to kill a baby if you do a whoopsy! (Roe v Wade). Islam also teaches in the story of Sodom that gay anal rape is against its teachings, Whereas in Western society priests rape boys, And the ruling elite are consistently implicated in child prostitution rings (See: WikiLeaks). Lastly, Islam teaches people should get stoned every now and then, Especially women, Whereas in most Western countries marijuana is illegal. ISIS teaches its followers to kill women for being rape victims, Whereas in Western countries you only give them the death penalty if they miscarry or terminate their pregnancy.

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