• To The True End, and To The Worth Final Place

    My Teachers said that there are 3 unbreakable love in this world: 1. The Love From Allah to all of His Creatures, 2. The Love of The Parents for Their Children, and the Last, The Love From the Prophet Muhammad to All of The Muslim.
    One Day, The Prophet Muhammad cries and a Friend of his ask him why he is crying. Then, The Prophet Said : "I miss the people who love me." than The Friend said : "But we are here, Prophet. With you. Your Friends, Your Sibling, Your Family." But the Prophet Said : "But the people I miss is not here. They are in the Future. Said in their prays that they love me. Want to be with me. Miss me in everyday of their life. Until they cry, just like me now."

  • It is the best

    I am a Muslim. If the people on the left believe in science they should believe in Islam , you can ask any expert, the scientific discoveries that are being made now were already mentioned in Quran 1400 years ago.Muslims invented many things like algebra, soap shampoo etc. Science proves that the way of a Muslim is the healthiest way of living.Most Muslim people are now not living like a true Muslims, same as people of other religions.

  • Of course it is

    The people on the right clearly do not know what they're talking about. They are biased and misinformed.

    First, Islam is not a new religion. It is a continuation of the revelations given to the prophets prior to Prophet Muhammad (because the previous revelations got corrupted). Second, all the prophets were Muslim, as they submitted their will to Allah. Islam is the only way to Paradise/Heaven. Today's Christianity is completely false and man-made. The church-invented lies, such as the Trinity, have brainwashed Christians and for this reason, Christians will burn in Hell eternally. God has no partners, sons, or associations. Jesus's true message was to worship Allah, but over centuries, numerous authors have changed the message into what is now considered "Christianity."

    Those who attack unbelievers and force them to convert aren't following the Qur'an, because there is no compulsion (forced conversion) in religion, as stated in the Qur'an (2:256).

    Allah is the God of Abraham. Arabic-speaking non-Muslims say 'Allah'. Prophet Jesus also said 'Alaha' in Aramaic to refer to God who sent him as a messenger.

    There is no encouragement of "paedophilia". People who say that are clearly misinformed and ignorant. There is no misogyny either. Women are treated with respect and love. They actually have the modesty, dignity, and honor to cover themselves, unlike your average American/Christian woman who publicly shows her body, enticing men.

  • Just no. That’s wrong

    Therefore any way women are abused and exploited in the Muslim countries, at least even more than in American/Christian countries. Because if we all lived by the wills of religion everyone would be burning in hell and in my opinion that should be the case since in general humanity sucks.

  • Of course not!

    *Before reading, please understand that I have Christian bias, and will answer as so. I mean no hate in this, as I love everyone. Thank you!

    Islam is by no means the best religion, because it is not the one true religion. Following Islam will get you into hell, because you are not confessing your sins to Christ, and giving your life to him. Because of this, Islam, and all religions aside from Christianity and partly Judiasim, are by no means the best religions, rather, they are the worst. I do not see how a religion that condemns its followers to hell is a good religion. Now, I do understand that those who follow those religions think that that is the way to get to Heaven, however, I think otherwise, and that is what my statement stands on.

  • Depends on your definition of "best"

    In terms of expansionary power, Islam is very effective, but not because of the effectiveness of its teachings themselves.
    Islam is the only major religion that outright dictates, in its holy scriptures, no less, that its adherents absolutely have to go and convert other people by any means necessary. For example, it encourages forced conversion, war crimes, and terrorism. Terrorism meaning "rule by terror" in this case, but the "using terror tactics to get what you want" definition could apply as well.
    When you actually read the book in chronological order, you can chart their false prophet's ascent to power. A good example is on drinking. It starts by saying that its adherents can drink freely. Then they got drunk before practicing their rites, so he amended it to "but not before attending my religion's rites". Then he got power and had to use his followers to... Wait, they're all drunk. So he amended it to "don't drink OR YOU'LL GO TO HELL", which is a bit harsh.
    Then there's the bit about attacking unbelievers unprovoked and forcing them to convert. And then we get to my real beef with it. It's not the terror tactics, nor the "use our laws over any secular laws", their false god (lowercase g intentional), or even the encouragement of paedophilia.
    It's the misogyny. One of the times a Muslim is allowed to lie is to a woman. No conditions, no nothing. If it's to a woman, you can lie your ass off, under their conditions. That alone makes me sicker than the rest, because women are fellow and equal people.

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