Islamic State accused of genocide: could we, as a country, be doing more?

  • Love the wording of the question

    "Islamic State accused of genocide: could we, as a country, be doing more?"

    More what? More genocide? I'm sure we could commit genocide, but why would we want to? Genocide is evil, despite being condoned in certain religious books (don't look in the OT - that doesn't count anymore). Cheers

  • They have to be stopped

    Millions of people have died at the hands of Islamic extremists. It's heartbreaking to think of the children and the innocent adults who just want to live peaceful lives like anyone else. These people are oppressed. There is a moral obligation to step in and help these people from oppression. Rich countries have so much that it's critical to help stop this genocide.

  • Our country could do more to address Islamic State genocide

    The Islamic State has been terrorizing the world for years and is showing no desire to back off anytime soon. The United States has the capability to fight the Islamic State but has been playing if safe with politics. While any threat to the United States should be addressed, I'm not sure that the U.S. should be responsible for saving the rest of the world.

  • Yes, I believe the United States should do more against the Islamic State.

    Yes, I believe the United States should do more against the Islamic State because millions of people are forced to migrant away from their homeland and also innocent people are losing their lives. I believe the United States need to more to try to create a coalition of the world's superpowers to figure out a strategy to permanently cripple ISIS forever.

  • What should we do?

    If we bomb we kill innocents and getcriticised for doing the wrong thing. If we invade we play into their hands; a prophecy in the Qu'ran says that the armies of Rome will push the Islamic armies back until there are only 5000 fighters left then Jesus (the second most revered prophet in Islam) will come down and Islam will triumph. Equally, if we buy weapons and hand them out then it will turn out like Al-Quaeda again.
    So we can do nothing.

  • We, as a group, should stay out of Islam

    It is a sad thing to say but we have lost our privilege to interrupt other societies with our own convictions. There was once a time when our country held enough respect that the Democratic Rule would have its' place is such events. There is too much going on elsewhere in the world and we should be working within our own system to unite our people so that it would appear movements made would indicate a team maneuver instead of rats trying to not drown.

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