• It works and has no flaws

    A lot of people are against Islamism. That is probably because of ISIS and biased media. If you look at the true principles of Islamism, You will find out that it is much better than you once thought. ISIS and biased media have given people the wrong idea of what Islam is as a whole. Please look up what Islamism is and only look at articles and books that are written by Muslims and not by non-Muslims because they tend to be unreliable and have the wrong idea on things

  • That statement in entirely an opinion.

    Obviously, Saying something is 'the best' in an opinion statement. The statement is also ethnocentric. Not that being ethnocentric is completely wrong, It's just a little vain. And like every other religion in the world, It has its ups, Downs, And bad apples. The stereotypical racist in the U. S. Is a white, Straight, Mostly Christian male. Like how terrorists in the U. S. All the way back in 2001 were Muslims.

    It just depends on who it's coming from. As long as a religion makes you a better person, There's no reason to ridicule it (at least not in front of said person).

  • No it is not

    Islam is a region that does not let anyone leave unless they want to die. Once you marry a person who is Islam you HAVE to convert. This is a religion that does not respect woman and gives no freedom and is not open at all. Media sugar coats the religion

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Anonymous says2019-09-28T23:29:55.953
This is not politics

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