• Oh my god so hot

    I want to stick my d*** in that. Holy f. Please let me put it in. I am trembling in my boots and on my knees begging please let me do it. I need it so bad I am f***ing my computer screen. It hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts

  • Yes she is!

    That trans woman is so hot idc if she has a d1ck or not she’s so hot. Old grannies are always so cute and hot especially with that princess dress she has on. Wouldn’t you guys all want to date her? I would definitely date her! Trans woman are hot!

  • The image is not of a transgender woman

    Larry “Sissy” Goodwin, A Vietnam veteran and retired educator from Douglas who gained national attention for being a Wyoming man who dressed in women’s clothing, Died March 7 from stage IV brain cancer. He was 73. His body was interred with military honours at Oregon Trail State Veterans Cemetery in Evansville.

    He was known to cross-dress but was neither transgender nor homosexual

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