Isn't Christianity really a polytheistic belief?

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  • Some Christianity is.

    When you have a single god, with multiple parts that you worship and invoke separately, then you are worshiping three deities that are interconnected. It is by definition, the worship of multiple beings, which is polytheism. Plus all of the angels, arcangels it really is a bunch of gods .

  • Yes. In Trinitarian sects.

    First, not all Christians view God as being three separate, yet inter-connected entities. Unitarians, for example, believe in the miracles and virgin birth of Christ; however, they do not believe he was God in human form. Thus, I would argue that Christians such as these fall in line with traditional monotheism.
    Trinitarians, despite their arguments to the contrary, have a polytheistic belief system. Prior to the writing of the New Testament, the Hebrews had no concept of God being a collection of three seperate but equal forms (I.E. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit). It was only after years of debate that this belief was proposed and spread. Trinitarian Christians wanted to worship Jesus as God, but they needed to do so in a way that did not seem like idolatry. This is because the old testament, the foundation of the new testament, was so against polytheism. So, in order to have their cake and eat it too, Trinitarians came up with the idea that God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit were all one God, albeit in three forms. In my opinion, this argument is a poor attempt to salvage the monotheistic label for Trinitarianism. In reality, Trinitarians worship three Gods and, therefore, are polytheisitc.

  • Angels trinity and saints

    As some may have said the Angels may not be gods, the Christian God is 3 people, but to be a polytheistic religion you don't need to have several gods you just need to have more than one deity I would bet that the Angels count as a deity, and even if they don't Christianity still has a trinity which I know they pray to so it counts as a deity and sconce the trinity is made up of three people there are technically at least three deitys here, and that's not even getting into the saints I know of several friends of mine who pray to saints so they technically count as deitys too. In summary in summary Christianity has several Angels 3 parts of God and several saints all of which are deitys.

  • Of course it is, but no Christian wants to admit it for whatever reason.

    Drawing parallels from another religion, Hindus believe in one supreme being known as "Adi Parashakti". She is the creator and destroyer of worlds, but by far the most interesting in regards to Christianity, is the trinity that the God controls. Adi Parashakti is believed to be in direct control of Devas (lesser Hindi Gods), planets and other heavenly bodies. One could make come to the conclusion that Jesus is a lesser God of Yahweh, therefore making Christianity a polytheistic religion.

  • No, Not Really.

    "Plus, all of the angels, archangels, it is really a bunch of gods ." This is not actually the case. The Bible says that when an angel came to one of the Johns, he was tempted to worship the angel, but it told him to worship God instead. If the angels are a bunch of gods, then why would one of them have told somebody to worship God instead? Plus, the Bible does not give us every single angel's name. It only gives us three angels' names: Michael, Gabriel, and Lo, wheras a Roman mythology dictionary would give you the name of every hero, monster, and deity from Roman mythology.

    "Drawing parallels from another religion," Does the Bible say that Jesus ever went to any pagan-occupied land except for Israel when the Romans were ruling it? No. "Of course it is, but no Christians want to admit it for some reason." If Christianity was polytheistic, one if us would admit it sooner or later as honesty is one of our key values.

  • No, there is only one God

    No, Christianity is not a polytheistic belief. It believes in one God, the Creator of the Universe. Worshipping any other god (or item) is considered idolatry; the Bible is very clear about that. The concept of Trinity is not easy to explain or grasp, but God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are not three different gods, they are one God.

  • No! Absolutely Not!

    Christianity is absolutely not a polytheistic belief. There is one God in three persons, all of which we give different roles, but we worship as one God, and one God alone. The three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are all one in unity. So no, I believe that Christianity is absolutely NOT a polytheistic belief.

  • Trinity is false

    Christianity is not polytheistic, but most sects believe in a "Trinity" which is very confusing to Jews & Muslims. This is a doctrine introduced by some leading priests under Roman Emperor Constantine during the establishment of the Nicene Creed. Roman government was having a difficult time keeping Christian numbers down, so Constantine created the "Catholic Church" for control.
    Trinity doctrine was compatible with the Platonic philosophies which The Apostle John was trying to refute in John 1:1 . God is one, and through His Logos all was made. His Logos was made, but because all was made through him, he is also called God. ...Who [Messiah] is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation... Col.1:15

  • Absolutely not! Never ever!

    In Christianity, we do worship God, Christ and the holy spirit, but as one. God is the ONLY god. Christ is the son on Good who came unto the earth to save mankind and raise the dead. They are the same, but different, alike, but not alike. And I just needed a few extra words so.... Meow.

  • In Christianity, God is one.

    It is quite presumptuous to put God in a box and say, "he is this or he is that." However, there is no incoherence in the notion of the Trinity. God manifests himself in three ways in His relationship with each of us for His purposes. After all, why can't He?

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