Isn't cloning just a way of replacing natural way of birth??

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  • No cloning is different from giving birth

    Cloning is creates an exact similar individual while giving birth or rather fertilisation creates a different individual.It is important to create different individuals as the traits obtained will not be the same as the parents.This increases the chances of survival.

    Secondly,if you consider cloning as a way to replendish the human population ,you are absolutely WRONG! Despite being an efficient method,it is extremely harmful to the human race.It can lead to endless of problems such as identity fraud,identity crisis and over population.

  • Disastrous for the human race

    One of the reasons that humanity has evolved to such an advanced level is due to diversity within our species. This allows natural selection to work its wonders. For example, if there is a deadly disease and there is no diversity, then all people will be susceptible to the disease and we will become extinct. However, if there is diversity then some will be more immune to the disease, and so humanity lives on.

    So how does this relate to cloning?
    When someone is cloned, the clone is genetically identical. So if cloning replaced sexual reproduction then eventually the human race would become a lot less diverse. For reasons outlined above, this is a bad idea.

  • Cloning is laziness!

    Woman were created to give new life and science(cloning) is taking up a woman's responsibilities. Science is way to help our lives not CREATE lives. Scientist are cloning just for satisfaction of their brilliance,to prove they were right. But what about the lives at stake because of this UNNATURAL WAY??

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