Isnt it hypocritical that the media is in a uproar when minorities are killed but not white people?

Asked by: Redspectre
  • Why the double standard?

    When someone is a minority and they are killed the media goes all over it, politicans offer support, people rally in the street. But when a white person is killed in a crime, it doesnt matter to the media. When white people become victims of crimes, there is no rally, or riots, politicans supporting them or the media even caring. They just mention them but never care. Why the double standard?

  • Its unfair in my eyes.

    Yeah the Africans were much prejudiced against but the crimes against minorities and whites always go both ways. Many times the scale is tipped because like many say the whites are mentioned but not fully covered. Yeah whites commit crimes against Africans but is that really a reason to riot when somewhere you know that an African could do the same thing? Im not saying that they do that exact thing but its a grim realtiy that it has happened and will most likely happen again.

  • It's unfair white People are prejudiced.

    Also, it's known by many that mike brown had stolen from a store and assaulted the policeman. Plus,. They had a police record as we'll. I'm not sure why people are still defending him.

    Also, the other guy obviously was not holding a ham sandwich. He had a gun found on him

  • White people have privileges

    Although I believe it is tragic when anyone dies (minority or not), I believe that white people need to understand that they are born with privileges; they are not criticised of their skin colour - nor are being attacked by dirty policemen, assuming they've done something wrong.

    These minority killings should be more exposed in the media. We need to demand for equality amongst minoroty groups and eliminate any racist stereotypes. These stereotypes are what drive some policemen to kill black victims in the first place.
    It's not easy as it seems; it's one thing to enforce laws, it's another to change people's racist viewpoints.

  • You need to learn what "Hypocritical" means:

    First, it's "Ironic", not "Hypocritical", and second it's because it's good business.

    I guess I need to come up with thirty eight more words to be able to post a one sentence answer that sums up all of your confusion in the world. Your youth will stop betraying you someday.

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