• I can see a strong comparison between the current state of Israel and Apartheid South Africa.

    Israel actively commits war crimes against the indigenous Palestinian population, And should be considered as a threat to humanity. Israel has also been known to issue ID cards, And profile people based on race. Many Palestinians describe Israel as an "open air prison", And they're right. Israel blindly kills Palestinian children, Destroy and block their infrastructure (e, G. , Water systems). If this isn't the hallmark of an oppressive, Authoritarian regime then I don't know what is.

  • Israel Is A Rude Oppressor

    Israel was made on 1948 after the Jews started gathering settlements inside Palestine
    and was helped by England and America.

    Israel claims that Palestine and Al Aqsa is the promised land for them as in Judaism
    on the other side it's indeed a holy land for Muslims.

    Beside Religions it's an original land for Arab people who lived and still living in Palestine.

    Since 1948 Israel are committing unhuman crimes from murdering thousands of people in streets defending their country to be able to murder kids and women with no mercy and the most important thing that they kicked people out of their houses and left them with no place to live.

    Arab countries never hated Jews for their religion but for their actions that will never be forgotten.

    And in the end Palestine never harmed anyone to deserve the suffer they are get and the anxiety of dying in any minute just because they are sticking to their land and never left.

  • Israel is in fact inhumane

    The jewish people have always been prosecuted by religious majorities for all of history. But the prosecution does not give them an excuse to treat palestinians like animals. The israelis have been armed with the most expensive, Advanced, And powerful weapons of the western world, And use them routinely to bomb and execute THEIR religious minority. Violence breeds violence, And the islamic world now despises israel and the religious group it represents. The israeli government is treating the palestinians horribly and before long the punishment will come back swinging back at them. The israelis had the first chance in history to turn the most violent religious hotbed in history into a place of peace and worship. Instead, They have sunken it into its most violent and vicious state in history. Their policies are inhumane and they will be punished.

  • Israel has been oppressing Palestinians and it's a known fact that there are laws made specifically to oppress palestinians.

    It's funny that Israel was formed on the basis of "ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, Race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, Conscience, Language, Education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations".
    Yet everything they have done completely opposes that. Examples include laws that discriminate against palestinians and quite visible oppression (house eviction).
    And they try to justify the attack on palestine with things like "hamas kidnapped 3 citizens" which is very obviously just a scheme to attack on palestine and take the land

  • Well No. . .

    I mean, They where attack first, (6-day war), Beyond that the Jews have a long history of living in that area, Stretching all the way back to Rome, So it is their land, Sort of. Also I can't find any source that says they murdered thousands of people, Best I can find is that they killed thirty-one people including nine children in 2020, So that's wrong, Even if they killed that many since they where formed, That's 2000 people, On the low end of "Thousands" The US, UK, And France have probably killed more people via police than Israel in 73 years.

    Also the Palestine's came to Israel, Not the other way around, And then the Jews beat them in battle (David and Goliath) they declared war on the Jews. Also look at the atrocities committed by the arab countries, That's way more than anything Israel could have doe in four hundred years. So In conclusion Israel is not inhuman.

  • That's a bit of a stretch and, Historically speaking, Maybe not the best choice of words

    Israel may not get along with its neighbours and the Palestinians, And both sides haven't been great in this conflict, But calling the entire country unhuman because of it is not justified in my opinion. Also, The term "unhuman" does remind me of the people that kept insisting that all Jews had to be killed about 80 years ago

  • They are a great nation

    How can you call a nation unhuman without looking a the full context? Isreal sends millions of dollars to the Palestinians on a regular basis. During the recent clash between the two sides, Isreal still sent them money, Food, Supplies, And medical equipment despite being hit by rockets. When a Palestinian family needs medical attention, They went to Israel to get free medical aid. Some of the wounded and displaced during the war with Israel were given a free temporary place to stay and free medical attention. It is very inhuman to help your enemy during war and peace times.

    You also might say that Israel is kicking out Palestinians, And that is true but not what you think. The Israeli government is kicking out Palestinians that built their homes illegally and those who refuse to pay rent to the government. If I build my home in the USA or any country without permission, Is it unhuman to kick me out? If I refuse to pay taxes and my rent, Is it wrong to kick me out?

  • On what basis?

    On a purely objective basis (which this illogical opinion is clearly not), They have regular folks living their daily lives, As well as a much disliked military like most nations.

    While I may not agree with a lot of what they do, Heck, I don't really support either side in the war, They're not "inhuman", Pretty disrespectful to say something like that, Don't ya think?

  • Israel is one of the best countries in the world

    For starters, Israel is a very moral and religious people, And moving into the area they are in now was completely fine because it was their promised land. The entire Middle East and much of the world has been anti-Israel and anti-Semitic, Such as the Nazis, But thankfully Israel has prevailed. Israel, Like any other nation, Has their problems, But are they inhuman? No

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