Israel May Send Troops to Gaza: Should Israel go on the offensive in response to recent attacks?

  • Israel responds with troops

    Repeated missile attacks by Palestine on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem leave Israel no choice but to respond in kind.Along with missile launches on The Gaza strip, the sending of troops will send the message that Israel won't take these attacks lightly. This offensive reaction is not only right but it's necessary.

  • Time to end it once and for all

    I believe that if Israel wants to end these frequent missile attacks then a ground invasion is in order. I support a two state solution but when one territory continues attacking Israeli civillians then something must be done. I know that Israel isn't perfect but it is the most humanitarian country in the middle east where they respect people's rights while some of these other countries have major corruption and no human rights.

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    While I completely understand why the would and how awful the attacks have been, I could see this turning into a third world war. The tension has been building for so long that nothing good will come out of a conflict. I think they need to be defensive and protect their citizens the best they can.

  • No, Israel should not go on the offensive

    Given the history of this area, tensions are extremely high. Any offensive move will cause Gaza to respond with more military measures, quickly escalating this conflict into a full blown war. Both sides should continue with peace talks and reach a common consensus about the issues at hand without having to go on the offensive.

  • No, violence just perpetuates violence

    No, by responding aggressively, it would just perpetuate the cycle of violence by inciting attackers to retaliate for the retaliation. The way to move forward is with peaceful negotiations, with both sides coming to the table. The actions of a few misguided people should not launch a nation into a state of war.

  • No. Israel has been on the attack for the last 12 years.

    Israel is an aggressive and violent neighbor. If they increase their military response to Palestinian guerrilla tactics, they will threaten a very tenuous peace with Egypt, which back the Palestinians, but not aggressively.

    If Egypt manages to solidify their political power, the nation could be a tremendous ally or a tremendous threat to Israel.

    If Egypt and Israel become friendly, it will mean relative peace for both nations going forward.

    If Egyptian opinion cools too much on Israel, the smaller Jewish nation will be the target of increased attacks and will have no economic or militarily supportive friends in the hemisphere.

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