Israel Mourns Teenagers: Should the United States intervene and help Israel?

  • The United States should help Isreal

    As our closest ally in the region the United States should most definitely help Israel in any way that we possibly can. This was a despicable action perpetrated by terrorists against young civilian Israelis, and we must send a clear message to the terrorists and to the world that the US stands firmly with our friends and will never stand by as acts of terrorism are carried out against them.

  • Yes, the United States should offer their assistance.

    Yes, the United States should intervene and offer their assistance to Israel. I believe that when people or nations come together, it is much easier to complete tasks. I think the task at hand would be to locate those responsible for the deaths of the teenagers and issue them the punishment that is best fit for their crimes. However, I do not think the United States should intervene if Israel does not want their assistance.

  • Why should we?

    We are not the world police. When we help people, we make enemies. When we depose dictators, we make enemies. When we rescue children, we make enemies.

    I think it's high time the US went into a militaristic isolationist mode, and shut down imports. We should be an export nation, like we were when our economy flourished, our workers had collective bargaining power and wages which grew at the same rate as those who leveraged their labor for profit. Before the GOP was overrun by sociopath, fascist oligarchs.

  • The US Should Not Intervene In Israel's Situation.

    The US Should Not Intervene In Israel's Situation with regard to the teenagers who were murdered. Although the situation is a sad one, the United States cannot be the watchdog of the world any longer. Israel needs to deal with the situation as they see fit and the United States needs to solve the problems in its homeland.

  • No, the United States is spread too thin to take on more battles.

    Israel has been fighting battles for thousands of years. The U.S. has attempted to intervene several times and it has not created balance or accord in the region. The U.S. is ending a more than decade long war and possibly re-engaging in Iraq. We are spread way too thin to take on another battle at this time.

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