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  • Israel enacts genocide of the Palestinian people.

    People who point to Hamas or Palestinian acts of violence in order to deflect blame are akin to people who point out the fact that sometimes Native Americans conducted unprovoked raids or violent acts against white settlements in the United States. This does not absolve the U. S. Of guilt concerning the Native American genocide. The U. S. Was responsible for the mistreatment, Disrespecg; and barbaric acts committed against the native people. Most native violence was in self defense.

    Israel currently holds the power. A peaceful 2 state solution could be reached but far right Jewish nationalists are not interested in that. If Israel were to de-escalate violence, They would be fine. If Palestine were to de-escalate, It would mark their extinction, However slow and gradual.

    The Palestinians lost 78 percent of their territory in the past much like how Natives lost most of their territory. An exodus of 700, 000 Palestinians occurred thereafter with continued attempts on behalf Israelites to screw them out of existence.

    To give you an idea of the racism that fuels Israel's people, A poll conducted determined that 50 percent of Israeli teens believed Arabs shouldn't be able to vote.

    The Israel Defense Force has downplayed their actions and aims and are not to be trusted. Children died in Palestine as a result of the Israeli airstrikes, Not from Palestinian misfires.

  • Biden condemns ‘despicable’ anti-Semitic attacks as Democrats take harder line on Israel.

    Israel is simply defending themselves against terrorists who wish to completely wipe the nation of Israel of the map. The terrorists are were the ones who initiated the war. Many condemn Israel for hitting targets such as hospitals and schools, But the terrorists are the ones hiding behind civilians to launch rockets at Israel.


    Idot, Native Americans exist. And we committed genocide much worse than this tiny country, Israel, Can ever imagine. And yet we are here. Condemning a nation basically following our footsteps.
    Btw if I were them I'll just straight up annex the entire Middle East. And eradicate all those Taliban, ISIS bullshit by technology that Israel already has. Facial recognition.

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