Israel to order 17 more US-made F-35 warplanes in the next few years: Should the U.S. be building fighter planes for other countries?

  • They are an ally.

    As long as the country is an ally, there is no reason that the United States cannot be providing them arms. Since its inception, Israel has done nothing but good and been an ally of the United States. There is no reason not to trust them. It is important that the United States let other countries help themselves.

  • It makes sense for the U.S. to build fighter planes for allies

    The United States is a leader in aircraft technology and innovation in fighter planes. The U.S. is frequently involved in overseas conflicts by providing weapons and training to other countries. Selling military equipment to allies of the United States is beneficial to international relationships and furthering development of U.S. technology.

  • The U.S. Should Focus on America First

    The military spending needs to be confined to our forces first. All planes built should be for the American Air Force and military only. While the order of 17 warplanes for Israel would generate jobs and money, Israel could use those same U.S. made warplanes against our own country. There are lots of other things we could be supplying to other countries as exports to help our economy.

  • I don't agree with the US providing other countries with fighter planes.

    I think the US needs to be cautious when selling fighter planes and other weapons of war to other countries, even allies. While the danger of other countries stealing technology to use against us, we still need to exercise caution and ensure that we do not release valuable information freely.

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