Israel (yes) vs. Palestine (no): Who do you side with?

  • Hypocritical to argue "it was Palestine's land first"

    Americans killed millions of Native Americans to take control of the land. It was sad, but it's was an issue that had to be dealt with to end conflict.
    Palestinians were a nomadic people, known for their hostility might I add. Tough luck for Palestinians, history was full of land-taking and the strongest survives.

    Obviously it's sad that children have to be part of this, but war is bloody. The US killed women and children in the bombing of Hiroshima because the country wouldn't cooperate.

    The only way to end this conflict is for one side to eliminate the other. As long as these people are residing near each other, there will always be hostility over land. In my opinion, I would rather Israel than Palestine for obvious reasons, aka large number of terrorists. One less terrorist-infested country sounds alright to me.

  • Winners write history

    By the end of World War II, the Allies divided up Germany, created Israel, rewrote Japan's constitution etc. You can argue that they had no
    right to do these things, but how would you change what happened? The winners of a war will always write history. If they created Israel and recognize it, then it has the right to exist simple because the winners decide so. Israel also held its ground against Arab attempts to attack an invade Israel (in Six Day War, Yom Kippur, etc.) Winning these wars is the reason Israel has a right to exist.
    Now, in the Gaza conflict, the Palestinian population elected the Hamas into seats of power, knowing full well that the Hamas charter called for the elimination of Israel. The Hamas is internationally recognized as a terrorist organization. Even Egypt, a fellow Arab nation, became nervous of their rising power and blocked the border. This is a conflict between Israel and a country run by terrorists, who do not care about their civilians and glorify death.
    I know Palestinians were sadly displaced during the creation of Israel, but they elect a terrorist organization into power who provoke Israel with rocket fire for 14 years and act surprised when Israel invades to defend itself. Displacement should not be fought back with rocket fire, which are serious war crimes as identified by the UNHRW.
    In response to the "ethnic cleansing of Palestinians" from Israel, the Arab nations also "ethnically cleansed" themselves of Jews in the mass exodus of their Jewish population from 1948-1970. Israel withdrew from Gaza and the West Bank to assuage the anger against them, leaving behind farming equipment to feed the Palestinian population. The Hamas instead used this money to build terror tunnels and produce rockets, without bettering their civilian's lives. Israel therefore provides Gaza with electricity and water. Tell me, why would a country that wanted to commit genocide do that? Or wait 14 years under rocket fire, in restraint? Or give lands to the enemies threatening them? Israel is an educated country that protects it's citizens with iron some technology and builds bomb shelters. The Gaza Strip is run by a TERRORIST organization that hates Israel far more than they love their civilians. It's Israel's anti-terrorist policy and Western country's support for it that there aren't more 9/11s. In a war between a savage man and a civilized man, always support the civilized man.

  • I side with Israel simply because they fought to create their country out of nothing, and they are an ally to the united states.

    The Hebrew peoples had no country to call home, thus Israel was fought for and created. They even won the 7 days war where many middle eastern nations declared war and attempted to attack them at once. This is also including the fact they are a strong United States position in the middle east. Although Palestinians have no home, they quite clearly lost in the fight to hold their lands, so why should they get it back for free.

  • Israel more humane

    I'm an Arab. Who lives in canada, why? Ran away because there is no human rights in the Arabic countries, not for women, and especially not for the gay community (I'm a lesbian) I like the fact that israel supports gays, animal rights. Don't get me wrong, I feel sorry for every innocent Palestinian. But israel targets Hamas, not civilians. Hamas doesn't care about who they hit. As an Arab I am ashamed of our Arabic leaders

  • Israel won the war

    Israel won the war and yet as behaved amicably in the face of international support and disdain. There is no reason that Israel could not forcibly remove the Palestinians from Gaza and force them into the Sinai or elsewhere, but they have yet to do so. Israel won the war and 60 year later has the right to their land and territory.

  • Israel is the only civilized country that shares values with the united states.

    The Israelis are a civilized people that bring so much technology and advancement to this world. The Palestinians do not advance the world at all and chose to live in a third world and have war mongering attitudes which doesnt allow peace to happen. The palestinians elected terrorists to govern them. How can you side with terrorists who bring nothing good to the world over a civilized people who advance the world. There is over 20 muslim states and only one jewish state. There is also a Palestinian state already (Lebanon). How can we put Israel's security at risk when it is the only jewish state. "If the Palestinians would lay down their weapons tomorrow there would be peace. If Israel layed down there arms tomorrow, there would be no more Israel."- Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Israel is more peaceful.

    Israel is only targeting hamas, but hamas are just killing without targeting. Plus, Israel is protecting its people, but hamas are not, they are telling people to face war. And women have all of their rights in israel. But hamas dosen't give any rights to women. Israel won the war.

  • Palestine wants Israel Dead. Israel wants peace

    Israel won the war fair and square, yet have continued giving land to Palestine in hopes for peace. But Palestine doesn't want more land, they want to destroy Israel. Simple as that. Israel continuously does their best to achieve peace, yet the Palestinians refuse to accept, and continuously terrorize, bomb, and send stabbers into Israel. It's disgusting, and Israel is definitely better

  • The Israelis were the first people there and have every right to live there now.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not a racist person, I have no problem with Islam or Arabs, but Palestinians have no right to Israel. And anyway, Israel is doing the best they can to make peace, while Hamas is just trying to blow them up, and they are bombing schools, stabbing people. Israel just wants peace while Palestine wants to destroy Israel. Israel is a very progressive country, with Arabs, Israelis, LGBT people living in peace. While Palestine is a country (with innocents) that just wants to end the Israelis. So, anyone that supports Palestine needs to stop listening to all of the Palestinian propaganda, and wake up.

  • Israel wants peace

    Everyone is under the impression that Israel is violent and hateful, but the reality is, there are millions of people surrounding them trying to destroy them, and they can't just sit and wait to be killed. If Palestinians dropped their weapons, there would be immediate peace. If Israel dropped its weapons, they would be instantly destroyed.

  • It's isn't difficult

    How can a Nation that suffered so much slaughter do the same to someone else" - Logic (London rapper)

    You can't say you are defending yourself by killing women and children and dropping bombs on hospitals... It makes the Israelis as bad as the Nazis.

    800 Palestinian deaths vs 32 Israeli... Who's the terrorists?

  • Free Palestine from the Zionist Plague

    Israel is a terrorist state that has no right to existence. It was artificially created by the British after the Second World War because they felt bad that the Jews had been subjugated by the Nazis. It's quite ironic, really, since what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians is no different. They use Palestinian children as human shields, they fire missiles at civilian targets, they built settlements on land that isn't theirs and push out the Palestinians, forcing them into what are essentially ghettos. They impose strict sanctions on Palestine, allowing them no way to escape their cycle of foreign-imposed poverty. Free the Palestinian people from this plague that is the State of Israel.

  • Who owned it in the first place?

    Who's extorting? Israel. Israelites, after going through Hitler's purge, and after being saved from Hitler's madness, they decide to become one. They think because they are the "chosen ones," they destroy everything. It's just ridiculous how much they think they are exempt from criticisms but oh come on, you are the evil ones.

  • The land belongs to the Palestinians and always has

    Palestine for many years has been a country longer than anyone could remember but what Israelis did was they took over and pushed all the Palestinians away. This is happening because Israel is being protected by the U.S. No one knows because allot of the media is under control by Americans and Jews, and people don't realize were their getting their news. It's not fair, if they kill men, women and children and people don't know about it because the media is controlled by them, and Palestine kills one man and it is all over the news.

  • Isreal tortures kills and is starting another holocaust

    Jews, Christians and muslims all lived in peace before ww2 they lived prosperous all together no wars, no arguments, it even says in the Torah that Jews Arnt allowed to enter isreal until their saviour comes. I'd they want to live in peace isreal should merge with palestaine and destroy all of its bias laws towards al religions.

  • Palestine is Legitimate and Israel is wrongly based.

    I am not only Arab, but I am Muslim, and a native born Palestinian from the city of Al-Bireh of the house of Abed. I have been displaced, and my family ties into the land and has been tied to the land for thousands of years. Recorded in the year 3500 BC, the Phillistinians roamed the land, and almost no Palestinian can be traced or related to them. Many, many years later do we see the exodus occur. The Jewish people are then allowed this land, taking it, and inhabiting it. I swear, on my life, that those who have been native to Palestine, and just Palestine, are these people. But how can you tell? Because around 99% of the Palestinian population, when tested for the semetic gene, were shown positive. This was done by Israelis, who tried to devise a chemical weapon that could wipeout all non-semetic people. But, ironically, when those living in Israel were tested, they, with a 99% rate, were shown negative for the semetic gene they pride themselves so much for. So understand, when someone states anti semetic, that means only the true aramaics and arabs from Palestine, Jordan, and Syria. Other true Jewish people exist, especially in communities such as in New York. Yet, if this is a claim on religion rather than race, then the Jewish people should absolutely not be in Palestine. If the Torah explicitely stated that the Children of Israel may live in that land, then I would shut my mouth, huddle in a corner, and never speak again. But the Torah, in its purest (and unaltered) essence, states that the Children of Israel, due to being punished by God, are not allowed to enter Israel unless he deems them worthy of so. Their main basis is also a lie. The animosity between the two groups has nothing to do with each sides religion, no matter how much the media would like to stress that. Its not Israelis versus Arabs, but Israelis versus Palestinians. The Christian people of Palestine follow what can be considered one of the purest form of Christianity today. Yet they live among the Palestinians like kin. Israel is really the terrorist organization. Want to know why they have been hated for thousands of years? Because they control most of the worlds banks. America's banking is controlled by Israel, thats why the country is in such debt. Britain is also. But they are a country of violence and war, stemming from outside of Palestine. That is why they want America to go to war with Russia and with Iran. Because their banks are seperate, they don't control the country, and they are not in power. Israel has murdered millions of more people in these conflicts in order to attempt to control these powers. I love the Jewish, but I hate the Israelis. And those two mix like oil over water.

  • Israel has shown they do not want peace

    The questions whether Israel has the right to exist is rather philosophical and I agree with some of the yes answers in that there's no changing the past but that's not the point of the debate. The fact that Israel exists does not justify their illegal, inhumane, and deplorable actions in Palestine. Finally their actions are catching up with them. The more I learn of the situation the more clearly it shows how much of the wrong side of history Israel is on and it is a legacy they created for themselves. And for Palestinians, they are called terrorists for defending themselves while Israelis are great war heroes for stealing their land in the first place?

    This read really amazed me, check it out:

  • Israel should not exist!

    Israel was created to make it up to the jews because of The Holocaust. This was something good but not the way preformed, by stealing the land of the Palestianians, driving them out of their houses, and harassing them.
    And yes, I do have Hamas in mind but what the hell did you all expect when you come and steal a peoples country? Them being quiet and just accepting it? No, they will resist and the result was Hamas.

  • Israel should be raised from the world

    What Israel thought that he can get whatever he want?Its wrong! They are killing the children,women and other civilians and nobody have a dam about it.It is a shame on all the Arab country and their people that rather than helping our brother and sisters we are just sitting on our homes.We should fight for our people and help them for getting their rights.

  • Open your eyes America

    The idea of taking over Palestine was a terrible idea. The Palestinians had that land for centuries. The US has been blindly supporting Israel for the past like 20 years without even knowing the real story. So many Palestinians have to get their cars searched before they can go anywhere. Israelis don't have to. As an American I know that so many Christians are anti Arab and think that Islam=terrorist.

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Paestine must win fucking israel must die