Israeli blockade of Gaza: Is the blockade consistent with humanitarian principles?

  • Yes, the blockade is consistent with humanitarian principles.

    The blockage of Gaza is there to prevent the transfer of weapons and other materials that can be used to make weapons. Humanitarian aid comes through the Israeli land borders with Gaza on a daily basis and many Gazan citizens enjoy a life that is much better than what is portrayed by the media.

    Many of the problems with the humanitarian conditions of Gazans and "palestinians" in general is due to their own leadership. Their leadership prioritize their resources to attack Israel and keep themselves in power. They don't care if their people are impoverished or malnourished. In fact, for them, it's better if they are because it helps sell their story about being a downtrodden people being bullied and kept down by a superior power.

    The irony is that Israel is more of a humanitarian to the "palestinians" than the "palestinians" are to themselves.

  • The blockade is consistent with humanitarian principles.

    The blockage of Gaza is consistent with humanitarian principles because it helps protect civilians in both areas of the region. Terrorism is bad for Palestinians as well as Israelis. The blockage is designed to prevent military supplies from reaching terrorists. It is the best way to prevent further violent in the region.

  • Denying supplies to those in need is unhumanitarian

    To claim that denying supplies is ok because it can "prevent the transfer of weapons and other materials that can be used to make weapons." is ridiculous. The Palestinians are trapped in that region they are bombed daily and this resulted in over 100,000 people having their homes destroyed. The construction industry in Gaza has collapsed because of the blockade meaning no one can rebuild their home, jobs have been lost exports are at less than 2% of the pre-blockade levels.
    It is not humanitarian to deny them resources which would allow them to rebuild and survive. You cannot even claim that the blockade is about stopping weapons getting to the Palestinians if that was true why would they ban jam? Were they afraid the Palestinians would weaponize it? Jam guns? And pasta why possible military use does pasta serve or chocolate, irrigation pipes, chickens, halva or the various other harmless items that are or have been denied to Gaza. All i can see is Israel trying to break down the Palestinians by denying them basic materials and items.

  • In what way?

    They don't allow food and medical supplies in, no one in Gaza has electricity for more than two hours a day because they bombed their power plant, they aren't allowed to leave when Israel is bombing the hell out of them...Do I need to say more) apparently I do because people believe that what Israel is doing is ok. If Muslims were treating Jews like this than America wouldn't have it. When it's the other way around we send them weapons?. This double standard is ridiculous and it's time for this apartheid to end.

  • No for Blockade

    The blockade prevents tens of thousands of people from accessing the items that they need on a daily basis. It is entirely inhumane to prevent a human being from accessing what he/she needs to survive. The blockade is not doing any good to the counter-terrorism acts. I believe it is counter-productive. There are other far more effective ways of fighting terrorism than denying innocent people of getting the basic services.

    Posted by: Sada
  • The blockade is a farce in humanitarian terms

    If the government of Gaza were slaughtering its own citizens, perhaps a blockade would be in order, however the reality of the situation is that a blockade prevents Gaza from developing in both economic and humanitarian terms, which simply intensifies the cycle of violence. Since this cycle of violence harms both Palestinian and Israeli, the blockade cannot be consistent with humanitarian principles. Only peace and reconciliation can be consistent with humanitarian principles.

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