Israeli military assault in Gaza: Did Israel's assault improve (yes) or worsen (no) the peace process?

  • Destroy Hamas = peace

    Hamas terrorists in gaza are constantly firing rockets on civilians, an international war crime, israel makes military strikes on Hamas terrorists that shoot these rockets, which in turn gives peace not only to Israeli civilians, but to citizens of gaza that are suffering at the hands of hamas led terrorists

  • Israel's assault worse the peace process.

    Israel's assault worse the peace process. By definition, the peace process is calming, peaceful, reducing overall suffering of a country. The assault did nothing to help the peace process at all. If, anything, it disrupted it and caused it to worsen. This just put further strain on Israel trying to get back to a peaceful society.

  • Israel's Assault Worsens Peace Effort

    No, Israel's assault did not improve the peace process in the Gaza strip. By definition, a peace process is one of reducing overall suffering, and assaulting, attacking, bombing, and so on is the antithesis of a peace process. To indicate that performing such would strengthen a peace process is asinine.

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