Israeli military assault in Gaza: Were Israeli strikes a legitimate means of self-defense?

  • Israeli DEFENSE Forces

    Israeli DEFENSE Forces- Israel has the most ethical army in the entire world. It is the only army that will drop fliers to warn the enemy of an air strike 48 hours in advance, for example, citizens of Arab villages in Gaza that they live amongst terrorists will be warned before any army procedure is done. After the fliers the IDF calls the citizens of those Gaza neighborhoods n the telephone warning them to leave for the time the military action will take place, and then they call and text again before they attack. This is ONLY done by Israel and saves more civilian lives than imaginable. The Israeli army goes to great lengths to collateral damage at all cost. Over two thousand rockets a year land in Israel from Gaza, and they don't aim at military bases, they aim at schools and daycares. They would murder thousand of people a year if it wast for the IDF and the Iron Dome.

  • Yes, Israel is constantly under threat.

    Yes, the Israeli strikes against Gaza were a valid use of self-defense, because Israel is always under constant threat. Many of the nations surrounding Israel are proud of the fact that they want to "push her into the sea." If Israel gives an inch, they will take a mile. All Israel can do is draw a hard line and defend herself.

  • Yes, Israel properly defended itself.

    Yes, Israeli strikes in Gaza were a legitimate means of self-defense, because Israel is constantly under attack from other nations. With neighboring localities wanting to push Israel into the sea, and killing its citizens for no reason, Israeli is justified in doing what it must do in order to defend itself. That includes strikes in Gaza.

  • No, they are not under as much threat as they seem.

    Saying that they are under a constant threat by neighboring nations and Palestine is like saying that a baby throwing a toy at a grown man is a threat to the man and fully justifies the man to beat the baby mercilessly. The rockets that Hamas and other terrorist organizations lob over are extremely ineffective, usually do not explode and usually miss their targets. Israel is a nation, that if you just look at maps dating from the time of their existence, has been expanding illegally into Palestinian territory. Palestinians in my opinion, should be doing more to get their lands back and so should the international community. Israel has violated so many human rights that in the year 2020, Gaza city will be inhabitable which will displace or kill over a million people. For the Palestinians to basically throw rocks at tanks and try to take back their lands it is completely justified. I do not agree with terrorism so I will say to defend Israeli citizien's lives, the IDF is justified to carry out raids on terrorists, not to bomb a city block with innocent bystanders or a school which they have reason to believe is concealing rockets and bombs used by Hamas or Fatah

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